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Understanding the agreement

How do I accept my tenancy agreement?

  • Once you have booked a room with us you will receive an email, titled ‘Booking Offer Confirmation and Acceptance’. 
  • In that email you find a link to ‘Accept’ your agreement. Follow this link and log in with your email and password if prompted.  
  • The following ‘Accepting your Agreement’ page contains all your booking and payment information as well the Terms and Conditions which you need to read and tick to confirm you have reviewed.
  • You can also download a copy of your Customer Agreement here and save for your reference
  • Once you have read the page thoroughly and ticked to indicate that you have reviewed the booking details and terms and conditions, you’ll need to enter your password (the same one you used to log in) and press the ‘I Accept My Agreement’ button at the bottom of the page.

Do I need to read the tenancy document?

Yes, it’s really important you understand what you’re agreeing to. If there’s any terms or conditions which are unclear, or if you’re still unsure, one of our friendly customer service advisors will be happy to speak to on 0300 303 8642 or seek independent legal advice. Once you’ve accepted your tenancy agreement, you are then entering into a contract. Any exemptions from this are in our cancellation policy, such as our 14 day cooling off period or ‘no place, no pay’ policy. 

What are landlord details?

These are the details of your landlord – this lets you know who is responsible for the building you will be living in.

What are tenant and guarantor details?

You are the tenant. Your guarantor is a person over the age of 25 that agrees to be responsible for paying any amount you owe to Unite Students in the event that you (the tenant) does not. Your guarantor will be listed in the tenancy agreement and also has to accept their own agreement, (see below), if false guarantor information is provided this is a legal matter and it could mean that your contract is not valid.

What are accommodation details?

This is the address and block/flat/room number of your new home!

What is a tenancy period?

This is the period of time which you’ve agreed to be a tenant of Unite Students. The first date is the date you can move in to the property, the last date is the last date you can move out of the property. This period of time cannot be changed once the tenancy agreement has been signed and returned. If you do not use the property for a period of time (for example, going to another address during the holidays or going to leaving earlier than the tenancy end date) you will still need to pay all of the rent that you’ve agreed to within the tenancy agreement. 

What are special conditions? 

These are any conditions outside our standard tenancy agreement that apply to your booking. It will state there are no special conditions applicable if there aren’t any.

What is the completion of tenancy?

This is your Acceptance of the agreement that you complete online. By indicating that you agree you, the tenant and the guarantor will, upon completion of the Tenancy Agreement, create a binding legal contract. If either the Tenant and/or the Guarantor do not fully understand the nature of that contract, you are welcome to speak with a member of our friendly customer service team on 0300 303 8641 or you may choose to  seek independent legal advice before signing.

What are the tenancy terms and conditions?

These are the terms and conditions you’re agreeing to when you sign our tenancy agreement. 

What is the guarantor agreement?

Your Guarantor also has to accept their own agreement. They will be sent an email by Unite Student too, titled ‘Your Guarantor Agreement’, which will contain their instructions and a link to ‘Accept’.
  • The page they are taken to next will ask for some details to verify who they are for security purposes, i.e their date of birth
  • The next page will contain the details of the Guarantor agreement. They'll need to review this carefully and accept when prompted, including at the bottom of the page.
  • They'll also be able to download copies of their agreement to save and keep on this page too.


How do I provide my payment information? 

If you indicated you would be paying by credit card when you created your booking, you will need to provide your payment information over the phone with a member of our friendly customer service team on 0300 303 8642

What is a deposit? When will I get this back?

A deposit is an amount you pay before your booking is complete. Your deposit amount will be stated at the point of booking. This amount is held securely throughout your tenancy and is a guarantee for your room and communal areas of your flat being kept in good condition. We’ll be happy to return this to you by cheque at the end of your tenancy. If there’s any damage to your room or communal areas, we may deduct part or all of your deposit, if this is the case we’ll let you know after inspecting your room and communal areas. 
As a fair and responsible landlord, it is really important that we are transparent and open about the way we deal with your deposits. Therefore we will protect your deposit by law under the Tenancy Deposit Protection Sceme. 

If my bank card is issued outside the UK, why do I need to tell my bank about using my credit or debit card for my payments? 

Your bank may flag the payment as suspicious, unless they know about it before hand. If the bank does not know about the payment, they may stop it and this may lead to your rent being late. Make sure you let your bank know your payment amounts and dates in advance to avoid this happening. 

What are payment details?

This section shows you how much you will be paying over the course of your tenancy period. A Utility Fee is the cost of any utilities, but this is factored into your rent, you do not need to make a separate payment for this. Your Deposit will be paid before your contract is completed. The Cost Per Week (or part thereof) is a breakdown of how much your rent equates to on a weekly basis and the Total Rent Payable is the whole amount of rent that you will have paid to Unite Students once your final rent payment has been made. 

What is a surcharge? Why is it 2% and do I have to pay it?

We are charged a handling fee by the bank/card issuer in order to process a credit card payment; this is 2% of the overall amount you’re paying by credit card. We cannot remove the surcharge as its part of processing a credit card transaction, nor can we refund it. If you pay by debit card, there is not a handling fee.

What is a payment schedule and can I alter the dates I pay?

Your payment schedule is a break-down of how much you need to pay and on which dates these payments need to be made. It’s a great idea to share this information with your guarantor, as if you don’t make the payment on the date in the payment schedule – your guarantor may be contacted. We’ll always try to be patient and understanding, but if we do not receive payments on time, we may have cause for concern and will try to speak with you about this. We have instalment plans which cover 1 or 2 instalments (for international students) or 4 or 8 for UK students, we cannot change the dates that the instalments fall on. If you think a payment may be late, please speak with a member of our staff in advance (if you have moved in, speak with your property staff, if you have not moved in yet, speak with one of our friendly customer service advisors on 0300 303 8642 or 

Changes to the booking

I’d like to change which room I’m in, can I do this?

We’ll happily talk to you about this, but it does depend on availability. You should also consider that prices of rooms can vary. Speak with one of our experienced sales team on 0300 303 8641, they will be able to check availability and talk you through the process.

I’d like to change the number of instalments I’m on, can I do this?

We allow international customers to pay in 1 or 2 instalments, for UK customers you can choose to pay in 1, 2, 4 or 8 instalments. If you wish to change this after creating your booking, you will need to contact a member of our experienced sales team on 0300 303 8641 to discuss this. Please note there may be an instalment fee associated with paying over 8 instalments if you choose to pay in 8 instalments; this will be factored in to your first payment.  

What is the cancellation policy? 

This lets you know what will happen if you cancel your tenancy agreement. If you’re thinking of cancelling your tenancy agreement, it’s really important that you read this section so you know what to do and what will happen next. Why not speak with an experienced member of our sales team on 0300 303 8641 or email them at They can talk you through your options and help you with the next steps.

Other useful tips

What else do I need to do before my booking is complete?

We will need your deposit, signed tenancy documents and payment information before we can complete the booking and secure the room for you. Full details on what you need to do can be found here.

What is a Unite Students ID and why do I need it?

A Unite Students ID is a 7 digit number that we assign to each customer, this is unique to you. Your Unite Students ID can be found in the top left hand corner of your tenancy agreement. Your Unite Students ID (sometimes referred to as a UID) enables us to quickly find your account on our system; it is not the same as your university identification number. If you have a query about your account, you may find it handy to have your UID ready as our member of staff will be able to find your account really quickly!

What is a booking code?

Your booking code is an 8 digit number that we assign to each individual booking, if you’ve had more than one booking with us, you will have more than one booking code. This code can be found in the top left hand corner of your tenancy agreement and starts with the letters “RN”. If you have a query about a particular booking, you may find it handy to have your booking code ready as our member of staff will be able to find your booking really quickly!

Where can I see my account/find out information about Unite Students?

There’s a wealth of information online at – you can login to your personal account and view your payment schedule, make a manual payment and raise a maintenance request. A lot of questions can be answered by reading information on our website, using our social media pages or asking a member of your site team. If you do need extra help, you can contact our experienced sales team on 0300 303 8641 who can guide you in making a booking with us, guide you through changing an existing booking and offer expertise about our properties and what they have to offer. Our friendly customer service team are available on 0300 303 8642 and are about to help you with a query about an existing account.

Can my friends/family come to visit and stay with me?

We know most tenants will want friends and/or family to visit at some point throughout the year, so short-stays are ok! Please be mindful of other tenants around you and keep visits to a few days at a time. You’ll need to be responsible for any guests you bring to the property, if you’re unsure about this, speak to a member of your reception team, they’ll be happy to help.