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Living with Unite Students

Watch our quick video to find out what our customers think about living with Unite Students. 
Take a look through the sections below, there’s everything you might need to know, from the important information about your stay and making a booking to how we encourage green living!

Work with us

Working with Unite Students gives you the chance to gain experience and collaborate with a leading student brand to create authentic and exciting content that you can be proud of. Your work will be showcased to thousands of students on credible online platforms, and is a great addition to your CV.

Taking student living to the next level

If you’re looking for accommodation in London, we have plenty of fantastic properties and room types to choose from so you’ll never be short of choice. 

The 24 hour student guide to London

How much can you do in London in 24 hours? We headed into the capital with 12 students to find out. From morning raves to cable cars over the Thames, outdoor cinemas to all-night breakfast, here’s what they got up to.

The student guide to Bristol

You’ll never run out of things to do in the quirky city of Bristol. From board game cafes to trampoline parks that will have you bouncing off the walls, take a look at what happened when we sent 12 students out with cameras to show us some of their top picks.