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Great Value

giffgaff wants you to stay with them because you want to, not because a contract tells you to. Their flexible plans, called goodybags, are packed full of data, last a whole month and can be cancelled whenever. Because community is at the heart of everything they do, they’ll recommend the best plan even if it means you spend less. Honest.

Extra Data

No-one wants to run out of data, so giffgaff give their members a little extra for free. Once you’ve bought your 3rd goodybag, they’ll throw in an extra 1 GB whenever you buy a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag.

More reasons to activate your free giffgaff SIM

  • No contracts, so you’re in control
  • Competitive plans packed full of calls and data
  • Enjoy 16GB of date for £10
  • They have members, not customers
  • Free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers

Terms & Conditions apply

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