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Beyond accommodation

We’re dedicated to providing safe, secure and welcoming homes for our students, so they can get on with the important things like studying, exploring and making new friends. But our commitments go way beyond creating comfortable homes.

Students at Riverside Point in Nottingham
Our 25 years’ experience makes us a natural partner for universities, and we’ve teamed up with many of them, combining our expertise to create a student living experience that is truly outstanding.
Every year over 46,000 students choose a home with us, because they know that as well as providing a top-quality place to live we also:
  • Provide a range of environmental and community projects for them to get involved with
  • Help them get advice and opportunities though our expert partners
  • Strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy higher education, regardless of their background or circumstances.
By providing an environment where our students can flourish and succeed, it is our aim to help them have an equally positive effect on their local environment too. With our professional approach, extensive experience and pioneering initiatives like the Unite Foundation, we are making this a reality.

Our Customer Equality and Diversity Policy

Here at Unite Students we’re committed to embracing diversity and equality for all of our students, employees and visitors, striving to treat each individual with dignity and respect. 
We have robust policies in place to ensure that no Unite Students employee or other person acting on our behalf should discriminate, in any situation against a student, directly or indirectly. 
We promote a culture of equality and fairness for all and work hard to make sure all of our employees are aware of our Customer Equality and Diversity Policy, and their responsibilities under it towards our students and their visitors. 
We will also make every effort to make reasonable adjustments to meet the specific needs of a customer in order to eliminate any discrimination.  
Our commitment to our students is to create a home environment free from processes, attitudes and behaviours that amount to direct discrimination, associative discrimination, discrimination by perception, indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying. Action will be taken against any behaviour in violation of this policy. 
To help create a harmonious environment, we also expect positive behaviour from all of our students and their visitors to help foster an environment that promotes tolerance, fairness and equality. 

Unite Students and Prevent

Prevent is the Government’s strategy to help stop people becoming involved in violent extremism or supporting terrorism. Prevent uses early engagement to encourage individuals and communities to challenge violent extremist ideologies and behaviours. 
Unite Students understands its responsibilities to reduce the risk students living with us being radicalised or drawn into terrorism or extremism and we have the following measures to ensure their safety:
  • We promote a safe and supportive environment within our properties with clear guidelines for students on unacceptable behaviours.
  • Our property teams get to know students, their home circumstances and friendship groups, making it easier for them to spot changes in behaviour and identify those in a vulnerable state. 
  • We have a 24/7 Emergency Contact Centre available for students to report any concerns immediately and quickly receive the help and support they require. 
  • We have fully trained Welfare Leads based in each city who are made aware of any welfare or behavioral concerns of students.

Working with Local Partners

Unite Students maintains regular contact with the local police and relevant authorities and we encourage our property to carry out local initiatives and events concerning security. 
Please contact Unite Students Health and Safety Team if you require further information on the measures we have in place: