HelpCovid-19What should I do differently if I’m self-isolating?

What should I do differently if I’m self-isolating?

  • You should let your flatmates know that you’re self-isolating via uChat, and tell them that they should do the same (unless you’re isolating due to a travel quarantine)
  • If you’re sharing your kitchen with others, please ensure you only use it when it’s empty. Try to arrange a time with your flatmates to do this using uChat
  • Clean down communal areas after you use them to help minimise spread of the virus. You can find cleaning advice here
  • If you have food deliveries arriving, where possible, ask someone who isn’t isolating to drop them to your door. Unfortunately, Unite Students will be unable to drop food deliveries off for customers
  • If you have no option but to visit reception to collect a parcel, please use PPE such as a face covering and gloves (Unite Students will not be providing PPE)

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