HelpCovid-19If my flatmates and I have to self-isolate, how will we get food?

If my flatmates and I have to self-isolate, how will we get food?

There are many ways that you can purchase food and essential items if you need to self-isolate. Here are some examples of the supermarkets and other outlets that provide a delivery service:

  • Amazon Pantry - Amazon can provide almost anything you need – often with same day or next day delivery. As a registered student you will qualify for Amazon Prime free of charge, which means you’ll benefit from free and super-fast delivery too! To access this service, please go to and type Amazon Pantry in the search bar.
There are a variety of supermarkets that offer online delivery services. Here are some examples of places you can order your food and essential items:

All large supermarkets deliver to private residences. Delivery slots are available to pre-book, although you may not be able to book one immediately, so allow up to a week to find a suitable delivery slot. To find the earliest delivery slot near you, visit

Your property team will be sending you details of how food deliveries are being managed at your property, as well as information about rubbish disposal and deliveries of parcels.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or you are showing symptoms, you must let us know by registering as self-isolating in the MyUnite app. You can also let us know by contacting your property team. Otherwise, we may not be able to deliver your orders to your door.

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