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Arrive prepared with our handy checklists

Five easy check-in steps:

  1. Pack your ID – you’ll need some photo ID to collect your keys
  2. Make sure you know your check in date – this is listed on the front page of your tenancy documents under “start date”. You can arrive on this day or any day after this.
  3. Get yourself to your new home! If you’ve come by car make sure you know where you’re going to park. If you’re arriving by train or plane it might be an idea to book your taxi transfer in advance.
  4. Meet the team – they’ll be ready and waiting to check you in and give you the keys to your new room. You’ll receive a welcome pack when you arrive to help you get to grips with some of the basics (living with Unite Students, useful numbers and so on) and you can ask the team any questions – they’ll be on hand all day. 
  5. Get stuck in! In your welcome pack you’ll find a door hanger – pop it on your door to let your new housemates know you’ve moved in!
Students writing notes

What to bring

Thinking about what to bring with you? We’ve seen lots of students move in to our properties over the years, so here are some of the essential must-bring items:

Posting a letter

Passport photographs, identification and important documents

You’ll probably be asked for these a lot in the first few weeks as you enrol with the university or join various societies. Also you might need them if you want to get a part-time job.
Teddy on sofa

Decorations to make your room your home

Be careful with posters as normal blu-tac damages the paint on the walls and this might mean a charge at the end of your stay.
Clothes in wardrobe

Clothes and coat hangers

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in different activities, enjoy nights out and go to formal balls, so bring something for every occasion.
Girl using laptop on bed

Electrical items and extension leads

Remember you might need a UK plug converter if you are coming from abroad.
Girl with bicycle

Bicycle, helmet, repair kit

The cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to get around your new city is on your bike! We have bike storage at most properties.

First aid items

Just in case! Plenty of plasters and paracetamol always come in handy if someone has a heavy night…
Man reading book

Books and stationery

After all you are here to study!

Make yourself at home

If your suitcase is packed full and your bags are ready to burst, we can help you move in comfortably with some of our great extras packages.

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Bedroom and Kitchen Packs

Arrival packs

We offer a range of kitchen and bedding packs. Order now and collect your pack when you arrive.
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