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For students living with us in 2018/2019

If you’re living with us during 2018/19, you’ll receive a free giffgaff SIM card within a pack of playing cards in your room ready for when you arrive. Activate the SIM and you’ll get £5 free credit when you spend your first £5.
Activate your SIM here, then pop it into an unlocked phone. If you didn’t receive a pack of giffgaff playing cards with a SIM in your room, talk to your property reception.
giffgaff offer a range of SIM-only plans with no contract and packed with data, so you’re free to change when you want.
giffgaff SIM Card Offer for 2018/19

Who are giffgaff?

giffgaff are a mobile network that offers flexible, SIM-only plans that don’t tie you down.
  • All their plans (called ‘goodybags’) are no contract, so you can change every month if you want, or even cancel them.
  • Plans start at just £5.
  • They sell unlocked phones, both new and preowned, at great prices.
  • They’re 100% online and offer support 24/7 via their online community.
  • They’re uSwitch Mobile Network of the Year 2018.
  • They have members not customers.
  • They reward their members with cash or free credit for helping out online and offering support to other members.
giffgaff are a bit different to the other networks.
  • They have members not customers.
  • They reward their members with cash or free credit for things like contributing ideas to make giffgaff better, helping fellow members in their online forums or recommending giffgaff to their friends.

So just how good are their deals?

Here’s a quick snapshot of their popular plans for you to judge for yourself.
  • £5 - 500 MB + 150 minutes + 500 texts
  • £10 - 3 GB + unlimited minutes and texts
  • £15 - 8 GB + unlimited minutes and texts
  • £20 - 20 GB + unlimited minutes and texts
Check out giffgaff’s full range of flexible plans here.
That’s not all. If you recommend giffgaff to your friends and family, you can earn £5 for every new member you bring on board. And your friend will get £5 free credit too. Become a giffgaff member and you can start sharing the love.
On top of all that, you also get free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers, as long as you buy credit or a new plan at least once every 3 months.

What about calling international numbers?

giffgaff have great international rates so you can call your friends and family back home.

Check out their great rates here.