Living with uS: How to do laundry in your Unite Students home

27 Sep 2019
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Getting laundry right will save you precious time and money.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to use the Circuit laundry machines in your new home, and get seven essential tips for safe washing and drying.

How to use the laundry machines in your Unite Students home

The way your access laundry facilities depends on the property you’re living in. If your washing machines and dryers are owned and managed by our provider Circuit, there’s a good chance they’re controlled by the MyUnite app.

Here’s where to get help with laundry when you need it. This 2-minute video sums it up nicely:

If you don’t see the Laundry feature in your app menu, it’s likely that the machines in your building are operated through Circuit’s own app, or by a top-up card. You’ll find more information on how to use these machines in your laundry room. If you’re in any doubt though, get in touch with your team at reception.

So that’s how to work the laundry machines. But what’s the best way to care for your clothes?

Here’s our 7-step guide to great laundry:

1) Keep lights and darks separate

Here’s an annoying laundry scenario: you think you’ve grabbed all the darks from your basket, you put your wash on, and then you spot one blue sock poking out from under your whites. This is a disaster. Avoid it with a divided laundry basket, with one section for whites and another section for everything else.

2) Get some nice laundry detergent

Want your clothes to smell good and feel soft? Go for the 2-in-1 capsules, which contain detergent and fabric softener. And if your skin is sensitive, choose a detergent that’s free from perfumes, enzymes, and phosphates.

3) Wash smaller loads, more often

If you cram too much into the machine, your clothes won’t get cleaned properly. There should be a decent amount of empty space so the clothes can tumble around. Plus, if you leave it too long between washes you’ll end up with nothing to wear. Smaller loads give cleaner clothes.

4) Check your labels

Most laundry instructions are pretty generic but look out for Dry Clean Only before you make a huge mistake. Check that any delicate clothes are suitable to put in the dryer, otherwise you might end up with very tiny jumpers or unintentional crop-tops.

5) Wash light and dark clothes separately

Colourful and light clothes shouldn’t just be kept apart in your basket, they should be kept apart in the machine too. New, colourful items are more likely to run the first time they’re washed. We all remember Rachel’s pink laundry fiasco, and we don’t want that.

6) Check and empty your pockets

Don’t miss the chance for one of life’s greatest victories – finding money you never knew you had in your jeans pocket. Also, items such as coins and hair pins can damage the machines. So turn all pockets inside out before you load the machine.

7) Wash your bedding regularly too

Wash your duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases every 1-2 weeks. Put these in separately from the rest of your washing so you don’t overload the machine. You should wash your duvet and pillows every couple of months too. But remember, they’re often dry-clean only - so check the labels.

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