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Guide for parents, guardians and guarantors

As parents, guardians or guarantors of a Unite student we want to make sure you know where to go for information. We understand that you may need access to information relating to your student’s stay, or support in answering any concerns they, or you, may have.
If you’ve got a question, please feel free to contact us in the following ways:
  • Call us on 0300 303 8645 or from overseas on +44 117 302 7497
  • Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter
  • Drop into one of our properties if you’re nearby
Smiling students

Preparing to move in

Moving to a new place away from home can be an exciting but daunting experience, especially if it’s for the first time. We want to make your student’s transition into living with us as stress-free as possible which is why we provide plenty of information before they arrive to help them, and you, prepare. 
In our Welcome Section you’ll find property-specific information on what’s included in your student’s room and the facilities provided in the property. You’ll also find important information for check-in day, including advice on what parking is available on site and when you should arrive. 
We’d also recommend taking a look at our Check-In Guide, which answers some of the most commonly asked questions relating to moving in day.
And finally, we'd really recommend encouraging your student to download the MyUnite App for free from the App Store® (iOS) or Google Play™ store. The app includes plenty of useful features including:
  • Connecting with flatmates before moving in through uChat
  • Access useful information on your room, home and city before you move in
  • Using the laundry services
  • Logging maintenance issues and getting notified about them
  • Getting alerts when a parcel is waiting at reception
  • Getting help when you’re locked out.

Moving in day

When your student arrives at their new Unite Students home it will be ready for them to move in. We’ll be on hand to help with checking-in and also getting bags to rooms. 
Parking on the day
It’s worth bearing in mind that our properties have limited parking space – information on parking specific to your student’s property can be found on the property page in the Welcome section. Find your property page here. 
Arriving late?
If your student can’t arrive on their main check-in day or weekend, don’t worry – we will always make sure that someone is available to come to the property to let them in, especially if they have travelled a long way or are arriving at night. 
Just call our 24/7 Emergency Control Centre from the call point at the property, or on 0300 303 1611 when they arrive, and we will arrange for one of the team to come and let them in.
Inspections and Deposits
Your student will receive an email containing their inspection report soon after they arrive – it’s important that students check this document carefully and let their Unite Students team know if we’ve missed anything. If everything is fine then they just need to hang onto these copies for their reference.
All deposits are protected by a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme – this makes sure we are transparent and fair if we do think there is a reason to make a charge for any damages. 

Moving in: The parent's perspective

Moving in: The student's perspective

Settling in

We know that settling into a new home, particularly if it's the first time living away from home, can be difficult. So there are a few things that we do to help our new students feel welcome when they arrive…
  • Welcome meetings and events – the team will let you know more about these when you and your student arrive
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – our social profiles are great sources of information on what your student can expect pre-arrival, during their stay and when they eventually decide to move out too, giving you peace of mind at the same time
  • The Common Room – a great source of advice on settling into university, making friends, learning to cook and much more
  • The Unite Students team – our onsite teams have years of experience between them and have all been trained in providing the best possible experience for our students. As well as organising various events and helping students settle in, the team are available to help with routine account and maintenance queries, help your student get to know the local area and point them in the right direction of help if they need it.

Looking after our students

Safety is extremely important to Unite Students. Access to all of our properties is controlled by either a secure fob or card system and each bedroom has a door lock. We have CCTV at every property and a service and safety team in every city ready to respond to any incident – no matter how big or small.
We also have a central 24-hour Emergency Control Centre (ECC) that can be contacted 24/7.
On top of all this, we’re continuously checking our properties to make sure they comply with the highest safety standards.
We work with Avon Fire and Rescue Service as part of a primary authority scheme to make sure that our buildings, policies and procedures not only comply with existing fire safety regulations but exceed them. We conduct regular safety reviews of all our buildings and this is supported by a robust fire risk assessment regime carried out in each premises using experienced accredited fire risk assessors who are members of the Institution of Fire Engineers. 
Top tip: get your student to download our handy MyUnite App (free from the App Store or Google Play) as they can contact the ECC via this. In case you need it the ECC number is Freephone 0300 303 1611.
Student wellbeing
We work closely with the welfare departments of our university partners. This means we’re in a great position to put your son, daughter or ward in contact with the people who can help should they need it. If at any time you’re concerned please get in touch with us on 0300 303 8645 or from overseas on +44 117 302 7497 or contact our Emergency Control Centre on 0300 303 1611.
Our partners Endsleigh provide students with insurance protection for possessions inside their room. Items are covered against theft, fire and flood. Find out more here, including how to download a copy of their insurance certificate and also upgrade the cover to include laptops, phones, bikes, musical instruments and more. 
For peace of mind, you may also wish to consider additional insurance to cover your tuition fees and rent. You can find out more about tuition fee and rental protection here.

Home For Success

We’re committed to providing your student with a ‘Home for Success’ - enabling them to achieve more from their time at university, whether this means academic achievement, personal growth or being ready for life after university.
To make sure your student receives this we’re working tirelessly to ensure things like maintenance, noise levels and available support are our top priorities.
We all have a responsibility to be considerate of our neighbours, the property, and the local area - we want your student to enjoy living with Unite Students as much as possible and we need their help to make sure that everyone else enjoys it too.
Making ‘Home for Success’ a reality relies on everyone working together to build a community of respect for one another, to help us achieve this there are a few things you can always rely on us for and in return some things we expect of our students:

Student listening to music

Respect the neighbours

We expect our students to keep the noise in their flat to a minimum late at night and particularly during exam periods - not everyone will be in the mood for a party. We also encourage students to get to know their neighbours as this could help them to understand what they’d prefer!
Students in common room

Respect the property

It’s your student’s responsibility to take care of their room and communal areas whilst living with us. To help them keep on top of this our cleaners will pop into shared flats fortnightly to give the kitchen a spruce (we’ll carry out inspections of rooms throughout the year and when students leave, all we ask is that the room is left in the same condition as when they arrived).
Students in Bristol

Respect the local area

Our properties are situated in busy areas meaning that the neighbours aren’t just other students living in the property. Keeping the noise down and being mindful of your surroundings helps to make sure everyone feels part of the local community.
Member of Unite Students staff

Respect Unite Students staff

We’ll treat our students with respect at all times, and we ask the same from them. We won’t tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards our staff. It’s a student’s responsibility to ensure that their guests behave considerately. They will also be responsible if they cause any damage to the property or any disruption for other people living in the property.