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Your first weeks and months at university are an exhilarating time, but they can also be a bit of a rollercoaster. There’s a lot to take in: a new home, new people; a new life. We believe every student should be able to embrace the adventure and take any challenges in their stride. Our job is to know the pitfalls and make sure they don’t spoil your experience.
2 male students sitting outside on a picnic blanket talking to each other

Preparing for the leap

We want you to know as much as possible about where you’re going to live. So, if you can’t visit us in person, you’ll be able take a virtual tour of your new home. If you’re going to be living with flatmates, you’ll also have the chance to meet them on-line through uChat, the Unite Students messaging service available through the MyUnite app. You can also visit The Common Room, giving you the latest tips and guides around student life.
A female Unite Students staff member walking with a female student up stairs

Checking in

We want the first few hours in your new home to be as smooth as possible. Our tried and tested check-in process is designed to ensure this. We’ll make sure there are lots of people on hand to welcome you, answer questions and get you to your room as quickly as possible.
Students checking in at Unite Students reception

Living with us

With check-in day out of the way, you’ll want to get on with shaping your new life the way you want it. Everyone goes about it in their own way but whatever’s right for you, we’ll be on your side. Our people are experienced, passionate and knowledgeable about student life; there’s not much they haven’t seen. Whether its directions to the bus stop you need or something more serious, they’ll be there to help. If things aren’t working out with your flat mates, they’ll do everything they can to help you sort it out or find you another room.
Male and female student talking whilst walking outside

Student ambassadors

If you’re like most students, there may be times when you’d rather deal with another student than a member of staff. In addition to our fully trained people, we have a team of paid Student Ambassadors who’ll be on hand during your first term to help you settle in quickly and smoothly.

I first encountered a Unite Students Ambassador when I was studying at London Met, looking for a certain room and he guided me to the room. From then we clicked. He’s helped me numerous times as he’s on the same course, but a year ahead and we’ve developed a strong friendship which I cherish.

Harv, a student living at Emily Bowes Court