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Mental Health
Your mental health is important, and there’s always support available if you need it. Student Minds are the UK’s student mental health charity and have lots of resources available. There’s urgent help if you need it, general support for you and support if you’re worried about a friend.

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General Wellbeing
We know student life isn’t stress-free, and we’re here to help. From managing your work-life balance to mindfulness and staying connected to others, we’ve got resources to support your wellbeing at university.

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We know that financial concerns can impact all aspects of student life. With the increasing cost of living, it’s understandable if you feel worried about your finances whilst at university. Find out more by reading our Climbing Cost of Living guide.

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Worried About Someone
Sometimes you might recognise a change in someone you’re close to. A friend that’s withdrawn, or acting differently. We know this can be worrying and it’s not always clear what to do. Student Minds have a dedicated guide called ‘Looking After Your Mate’, look out for workshops at your university too.

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Find Support at your University
Your university has plenty of support available on a range of different topics, but it’s not always easy to know where to go. That’s why Student Space has put together this handy tool to search for your university help services quickly and easily.

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Navigate University Life
Going to university is a big step. It's OK to need a little help making the transition. Student Minds have a guide to helping you with navigating life at university. There's some useful info about managing healthy relationships which you can find on pg. 16.

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