A happier and healthier you

Making the most of your student experience means making sure you're as healthy and happy as possible. As well as providing you with exceptional quality accommodation, we're dedicated to making sure you have the best experience while you're living with us. This means focusing on you to make sure you feel safe, healthy and happy at all times.

Helping you when you need it
We're here to support you through your university experience when you need us. Everyone goes through different experiences and challenges while studying, which is why we offer information and support on a range of topics from exam stress to staying safe. You can read more on The Common Room.

Keeping you safe and secure

Your safety is extremely important to us. All of our properties are controlled by either a secure fob or card system and each bedroom has a door lock. We have CCTV at every property and a 24 hour safety and security team in every city ready to respond to any incident at any time.

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Fire safety

The safety of our buildings is a matter of critical importance to Unite Students. In every case, the design of our buildings incorporates a comprehensive fire strategy.

All of Unite’s properties have been designed to meet stringent fire safety requirements and have the necessary life safety systems installed.

We routinely work closely with experts from local fire services to make sure these are effective.

All of our buildings are designed to ensure compartmentation in the event of an incident, for example fire doors with self-closers are fitted as standard.

All our systems and fire safety procedures are tested rigorously and regularly.

In addition to the physical fire safety measures Unite has in place, our staff are trained in proactive and reactive fire safety management.