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Whether you’ve missed out on the grades you need to get onto your preferred course, or you want to change your study direction at the last minute, Clearing can help.
Applying for university through Clearing can be a bit of a stressful process - we know what it’s like to be left waiting for results and offers.
But don’t worry - our Unite Students Clearing Guide talks you through all you need to know.
Universities up and down the country let UCAS know which courses they have available that still have vacancies. Clearing helps match students up with empty university places in a range of courses. This means:
  • You can still find a course that’s right for you, even if your grades don’t go to plan
  • You avoid having to wait another year to apply to university
  • Universities get help in filling up their courses

Why use Clearing?

Students use Clearing in a variety of ways. Check out our full Clearing Guide to find out how it helps students find their ideal course when they:
  • Haven’t received any university offers
  • Want to reject their firm and/or insurance choices and apply to another course, university or college
  • Haven’t met the conditions of their offers
  • Are applying after 30th June

Our Clearing Guide

Our guide explains the Clearing process from start to finish, including:
  • How Clearing works
  • When to apply
  • How to apply
  • How you can prepare for Clearing before results day
  • How to search for the latest Clearing vacancies and find your ideal course
  • How to prepare for making calls to universities
  • Clearing Open Days
  • Clearing and student finance
  • Clearing and accommodation

Clearing Accommodation

With student accommodation across 26 cities in the UK, wherever you’re applying through Clearing, Unite Students is always here to help. Check out our Clearing Accommodation page to find out about applying for accommodation at the last minute, and find your perfect student flat with Unite Students.

Key dates for Clearing 2018

As a rule, Clearing runs between July and September every year, but the dates are different every year depending on when results day falls. You can check the UCAS website for the latest Clearing dates for each year.
Additionally, dates are different in Scotland and for BTEC and IB students too, as results are handed out a little earlier to these students.
  • 5 July - 23 October 2018 - Clearing 2018 officially runs between these two dates, provided that you’ve made an application by 20 September 2018
  • 16 August 2018 - A-level results day in England and Wales. Full Clearing vacancy lists are available after this date
  • 7 August 2018 - Results day in Scotland. Scottish students receive their results earlier in the year, so universities in Scotland will begin advertising their Clearing 2018 vacancies from this date
  • BTEC and IB students - BTEC and IB students receive their results earlier, normally in July each year. This gives BTEC and IB students a head start over A-level students, as they have more time to research courses and universities offering places during Clearing 

Advice from our students

Hear Lucy’s top tips and advice on applying to University through Clearing, to help make the process even easier!