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At last, fair and hassle-free student renting

Decided to move into a shared house with your mates? We can still help. Conker is our brand new service that finds you the perfect student home from a responsible landlord.
Live in Bristol, coming to other cities soon.
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No deposit? With us, you don’t need one

With Conker, deposits and up-front fees are history. You don’t have to save for months to afford your move. Instead, you get damage cover and a 24/7 help service for a small monthly fee. Want more? How about digital contracts and inventories? Easy, open, affordable.

Landlord? Discover the easy new way to let

Imagine never having to chase for rent. Never taking another phone call about a broken boiler. Never having another argument about deposits and damage. Introducing Conker for landlords, the new service powered by Unite Students.
Why join Conker? Join to find student tenants who are covered for repairs and missed rent, for easy weekly payments, and for an account manager who’ll handle all the hard stuff.