De Montfort University Accommodation

Leicester is home to two prestigious universities and has a large student community. There are many reasons students choose to come and study in Leicester; it has a great nightlife, High Cross Shopping Centre, and a diverse range of restaurants and eateries. We have De Montfort University (DMU) accommodation that leaves you right in the heart of the action, with options available near campus and the busiest areas in the city centre.

Where to stay

Rose House, Oxford House, Castle Court, and Newarke Point is our DMU accommodation close to campus. These are great options if your priority is being close to campus. You’ll be able to roll out of bed and get to your lecture hall or the library in no time at all, perfect if you have an early start or want to put in a late-night study session. You’ll also be close to the city’s best bars, restaurants, and amenities, because of DMU’s central location.

St Martins House and Liberty Park are in a popular student area close to the King Power Stadium and Welford Road Stadium, home to Leicester City Football Club, and Leicester Tigers Rugby Club. Stay at our De Montfort Accommodation if you’re interested in watching Premier League Football or Premiership Rugby. You’ll also be close to a PureGym, a Lidl, and be walking distance from both campus and the city centre.

All of our DMU accommodation is centrally located, making it easy to visit friends, commute to uni or spend a day at High Cross. Living near the city centre gives you access to high-street brands such as John Lewis, Hugo Boss, All Saints and Zara, and all the best cocktail bars and breweries, including Turtlebay, Brewdog or Manhattan34. The public transport in Leicester is excellent, making it easy to get to the train station for a trip home or return to your DMU student accommodation after a night out.