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Living with Unite Students

Watching young people go off to University and become independent is an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting, particularly if it's their first year living away from home. We understand that you will want to know that they are going to live in an environment that will allow them to flourish, and that you may need access to information to answer any concerns.

Your peace of mind is important to us

Seating area in Unite Students property

Our promise

We're signed up to the Accreditation Network UK code of standards for student accommodation providers so you can be sure that your student will receive the benefit of good standards of living.
Member of Unite Students staff


Safety is extremely important to us. Access to all of our properties is controlled by either a secure fob or card system and each bedroom has a door lock. We have CCTV at every property and a 24 hour safety and security team in every city ready to respond to any incident.
Students talking

Student welfare

We also work closely with the welfare departments of our University partners. This means we're in a great position to put your student in contact with the people who can help should they need it.
Unite Students accommodation at Stratford ONE in London

RESI awards 2016

Unite Students are proud to have won the 2016 'Student Accommodation Operator of the Year' award at the national RESI Awards. After retaining our title from 2015, it's the 3rd time we've won.

Your role as a guarantor

As a responsible landlord the majority of our students require a guarantor. The role of the guarantor is to ensure students live up to their side of the Tenancy Agreement (by paying their rent on time, for example). Your guarantor details are collected as part of the booking process. Once the booking has been processed, you will receive an email link to view and accept the Guarantor Agreement. Your student will receive the Tenancy Agreement to view and accept separately. Please ensure the student has read the agreement before accepting.

Help with moving in

Moving away from university is a new experience for most. We have put together a useful guide to provide you with the information you need to help support your student through this important time.
Students with parents

Helping you with your student's questions

We know that from time to time students will ring their parents, family or friends if they have an issue. Here are some common queries, and how you can answer them:

I haven't received my parcel...

We run a postal service at each of our properties - letters and smaller items are delivered to a student's individual post box, and parcels are logged by our team who then notify students – via the MyUnite app and an email or a paper slip – to let them know it is available to collect from reception.

I've got a maintenance issue and I don't know how to fix it...

All Unite Students properties have on-site maintenance teams to support with any issues students might have during their stay. 
There are several ways students can report a problem with us. The easiest way is via our MyUnite App, which is available for free download from the App Store® (iOS) or Google Play™ store.
Alternatively students can use a Maintenance Request Form which can be accessed from their My Account section on this website. 
Once logged, maintenance issues go directly to our maintenance team, helping to ensure that problems get fixed as quickly as possible.

Help, I'm locked out of my room...

If this happens during office hours then students can simply ask one of the reception team to let them back in again. If a student is locked out of their room out of hours then they can also use the Locked Out Request feature on the MyUnite app.
Alternatively they can call our 24-hour Emergency Control Centre who will be able to unlock the room remotely, They will find the number on their key, in their room, in reception, their welcome packs and all over the building, including outside!
If your student has lost their key, then the reception team can arrange a replacement – there will be a charge for this. Forgotten keys may also be subject to a small fine at the discretion of the property team.  

I can't afford to pay my rent because I haven't got my loan yet...

If you cannot afford to pay your rent instalment on time because you haven't yet received your student loan then you will need to provide proof of your student loan dates to your property team on arrival or before the instalment is due. However, the guarantor is liable to pay the outstanding balance as per the tenancy agreement.

Are you able to stay over?

We want our students to see their Unite Students property as their home and are happy for them to have guests in their room. All we ask is that they are considerate of their other flatmates and understand that they are responsible for their guest's behaviour.

I don't like my flatmates…

Learning to live with a bunch of different people can be difficult and sometimes there are issues settling in. If a student is not getting on with the people they live with or are unhappy in their flat, please advise them to come and speak to a member of the on-site team right away – they can do this in confidence away from the reception desk.
Where we have issues between flatmates we do our best to help them resolve the problem in the first instance. If a student is really unhappy however, then where we have rooms available we will do our best to provide an alternative.

I no longer want to live at the property or I want to leave university, what should I do?

If a student wants to leave the property during their tenancy then they will be liable for the remainder of their rent unless they find a replacement tenant. Students should speak to the team in the first instance, as there may be a waiting list of students wanting to move into the property and, if not, we can advise them on how they might find someone and where the best places are to advertise.