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We know that sending your grown-up child off to university can be tough. We’ve seen thousands of moving-in days, and made thousands of cups of tea for worried parents. So we know a little bit of reassurance from us goes a long way.

Here’s how we support our tenants and keep them safe while they live with us.

We design, build, and run our homes for safety

Our tenants’ safety and security takes priority in everything we do, from the way we design and build our homes, to the people we hire, and the systems we put in place.

We keep our homes secure 24 hours a day

All our homes are accessed by either a secure fob or card system and each bedroom door has its own lock. Reception hours vary, but most are staffed from 8am to 8pm.
We’ve got CCTV at every home, and an overnight safety team in every city ready to respond to any incident - no matter how small.

We regularly review the fire safety of all our homes

We work with Avon Fire and Rescue Service to go above and beyond what the fire safety regulations demand from our homes, policies, and procedures. Our fire risk assessments are done by experienced assessors who are members of the Institution of Fire Engineers.
On-site teams test our fire alarms every week, and show all new arrivals their evacuation routes and assembly points - so they know exactly what to do in an emergency.

We helped set the standard for student accommodation

Back in 2004, we became one of four founding members of a new set of standards for student accommodation: the National Code for Assured Accommodation.
We’ve been signed up to the code ever since, which means we meet strict standards for health and safety, fire safety, security, maintenance and repairs, facilities, and more.

Our people are trained and available to help

As well as the reception and maintenance teams who keep our homes running throughout the day, we’ve got specially-trained welfare leads in every city. They work closely with the welfare departments in universities, so they can put your student in touch with the people who can help should they need it.
And if your student just needs a cup of tea and somebody to talk to, our welfare leads are there for that too.
Female Unite Students staff member talking to male student

Moving day: What to do and where to park

You can find all the information you need about moving day in the welcome guide for your student’s new home. The building’s postal address, where you can park to unload the car, and what to do if you arrive late - it’s all in the welcome guide.

Staying with your student when you visit

You’re welcome to stay overnight with your student when you visit. But please limit your stay to a couple of nights only, especially if they’re sharing a flat with other people.
If you need to stay during the moving-in period, when our new arrivals are just finding their feet, we ask that you stay somewhere nearby rather than in your student’s room.

Guarantors: What we ask from you

If you’ve agreed to be your student’s guarantor, your role is to help them live up to their side of the tenancy agreement. This includes ensuring they pay their rent on time and adhere to our behaviour policy. You take joint financial responsibility for the tenancy, which means you agree to pay your student’s rent if they can’t.
In short, we ask you to give them the space and support they need to live independently at university, which is exactly what we try to do ourselves.

Contacting us if you have any concerns

If at any time you’re concerned about your student, please call us on 0300 303 8645 (or +44 117 302 7497 if you’re outside the UK) or contact our Emergency Control Centre on 0300 303 1611.
We can’t discuss account-related details with you but we will always follow-up on any concerns you raise, whether that’s with your student or with our welfare contacts at their university.
Students with parents