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The end of your stay

We hope you've had a fantastic stay with us. There are just a few things to do before you're ready to leave so we've put together this handy guide to give you all the information you need.
Student checking out

Top 4 things to do before you check out

Student cleaning cooker

Clean your room and common area

It's your responsibility to make sure that your room and any common areas are cleaned to a certain standard. If you do not, you and your flatmates may be charged.
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Change your address

Make sure you update your address details before you check out as any parcels or letters will be returned to sender following your check out.
Students unpacking

Pack up your things

All your belongings need to be removed when you check out so the room can be prepared for the next tenant. There may be a charge for anything left behind, so please ensure you take everything with you.

Drop off your keys

Ask reception for your checkout envelope and form - simply fill out the form and put it in the envelope along with your key (including your post box key). Make sure you update your preferred home and email address in the 'My Account' section of our website, under 'Personal Information'.

Moving Out?

Do your bit by taking part in the Unite Big Give:
  • Donate unwanted stuff at your nearest BHF donation point
  • Put any unwanted non-perishable food in the foodbank
  • Separate your recycling where possible
Help us donate and recycle as much as possible - don't waste or leave anything behind. Ask your property team or reception to find out more.
Read more about the campaign on The Common Room.

Need Storage?

Moving out and need storage? Use code LOVEUNI to get £10 off LOVESPACE storage*
*Terms and conditions: minimum 1 month storage. Offer ends 1st September 2018.
Students packing

Common questions before you move out

My flatmate didn't help to clean the kitchen. What do I do?
We recommend you first discuss the cleaning with your flatmates and work out an agreed time for cleaning before you all check out so that the work is divided fairly between you. Once you have moved out, we complete the check-out inspection. We will make any appropriate charges, which will apply to everyone in the flat, if the flat hasn't been cleaned to a certain standard.
My flatmate has left food in the freezer. What do I do?
Speak with your flatmates in advance to make sure all cupboards and the fridge/freezer will be left empty. Double check before you leave as anything that is left once the whole flat has checked out may incur a charge to remove.
The microwave has been broken; will we be charged for it?
We do charge for damages, however, if the person responsible for causing the damage is willing to take full responsibility then we will only charge that person. If no one accepts the responsibility for damages in a communal area then the charge will be split between everyone in the flat. If this happens, you can discuss this further with a member of our reception team.
I forgot to put on the inventory that there was some damage when I moved in. Will I be charged?
Possibly yes, this is to be fair and consistent with our approach. We encourage you to complete the inventory thoroughly when you first move in. We also document any damage on our own inspections so you may find that we have a record of this damage, please speak to your reception team for more information.
Can I make repairs myself?
No, for health and safety reasons all repairs must be carried out by the property maintenance team. Please let us know about any maintenance issues by logging a maintenance request through the MyUnite app.
My Blu-Tack won't come off the wall, what can I do?
Please speak to your reception team as they may be able to offer advice on products that can help to remove it.
Can I leave things in my room if I've rebooked for next year?
If you have a valid tenancy covering the time period, then yes you can. We just ask you to label any items in shared areas to confirm that they belong to you and not to someone else who has already checked out. This will help our cleaners.
If your booking finishes in June or July and your next tenancy starts in September, you will need to arrange a Summer Short Stay tenancy to bridge the gap. Summer tenancies are usually available at a discounted rate and allow you to leave your things in your summer room (depending on availability).

Extending your stay?

Whether you want to extend your stay through the summer period or your looking to stay for a couple of extra weeks, you can get in touch with us and we will check the availability of your room and property.

Rebook with us

We would love you to stay with us for another year, you can check in My Account if your room is available to book, speak to your property team or check what is available in your city.

Common questions for checking out

What’s the latest time I can check out?
This varies depending on your property so check with a team member at reception well in advance of your check-out date. It is likely that the latest time will be 12:00pm on the last day of your tenancy.
What happens if I check out and nobody is at reception?
If reception is not open, look for a fast check out key drop box where you can leave your check out envelope.
Where can I park to load up the car?
During our check in and check out periods, where available, we allow access to our car parks for short periods of time so you can load up/unload the car. If there is not a car park at the property then you may be able to park just outside for a while. In most cases, there are also public car parks nearby. Please speak to your reception team for advice specific to your property.
Will you give me a landlord reference?
Yes, we will be happy to do so. Please contact your property reception team and they can provide a reference for you.

What happens after I check out?

Shortly after you leave, we'll conduct a room inspection. We'll inspect your room and the communal areas against your check-in inspection report to make sure the room is clean and there isn't any damage. If there are any issues with your room, we'll get in touch with you via email with more information relating to any charges.

Other questions after checking out

When will I get my deposit back?
Most of our bookings do not require a deposit, but if you did pay a deposit to secure your booking, it will be returned to the bank account which made the initial payment within 14 days after your tenancy end date.
Will I get my advance rent back?
If you paid advance rent to secure your booking it will have been credited to your account and deducted from your first rent instalment payment. 
I left something in my room – can I come and pick it up?
As we need to get rooms ready for our next tenants, we cannot allow things to be left in your room after your tenancy end date. You must clear all your belongings from your room, and from any common areas. If you don't do this then we will dispose of your belongings without any liability, so please ensure you take everything with you.