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Helping you have an enjoyable stay

We hope you have a fantastic time during your stay with us. We appreciate on occassions that issues can arise, the help and advice below should provide you with the answers you need for a speedy resolution.
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Raising a maintenance request

Whether you need to replace a light bulb or you have no hot water, you will need to log a maintenance request through the MyUnite App. You can also raise a maintenance request through My Account.
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Internet and connectivity help

Most of our properties have a wireless connection speed of 70mb. If you have trouble with connecting any devices including games consoles and TV streaming devices or your internet has gone down, it is best to directly contact the internet provider Glide on 0333 123 0198.
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Information on parcels

What happens to my mail if I'm not there to pick it up?

We'll take in parcels or mail for you during our opening hours. We'll sign, let you know something has arrived and store it safely until you get back. To pick up your mail you'll need to bring along some photo ID when we're open, and sign for it. We can only hold parcels and mail for a week as we have limited space. To be notified of new parcels on your mobile device, check out the MyUnite app.
If you can't make it in person within a week, someone else can pick it up for you – they'll need the confirmation of delivery that we've sent to you and your photo ID. If you haven't arranged collection within a week we will not be able to hold your parcel for much longer, as we will need to free up the space for other people's parcels.
We won't accept anything we think may contain offensive, dangerous, illegal or illicit material and/or anything that's too big or heavy for us to store. We can take anything up to 15kg in weight and 30cm x 40cm x 50cm in size. We'll do our best to look after parcels safely but, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, we won't be liable for any damage to, or loss from, any parcel that you've authorised us to accept on your behalf.

Having trouble with flatmates?

There is loud music playing above me, how do I make a complaint?

First, speak to a member of staff at reception or, if it is out of office hours, contact our Emergency Control Centre on 0300 303 1611. They will ask a member of our Service and Safety Team to come to help you. Alternatively, you can report a noise issue quickly and easily on the MyUnite app.

My flatmates never clean our communal area. What can I do?

All flatmates are responsible for keeping the communal areas clean and tidy. If you cannot reason with your flatmates after speaking to them then please report it to a member of staff at reception and we will try to help.

I am not getting on with my flatmates, how do I complain?

Where possible our city teams will try to help you resolve your issues – when a group of new people live together for the first time disputes can happen, so a bit of time can help to sort the problems out. If the problems are more serious then we will always try to move you to another flat if there is room available. We take any form of anti-social behaviour, such as drugs or bullying, very seriously and investigate any complaints.

What does the insurance cover?

Some items are not included in our standard package, however you can upgrade your policy so that your laptop, phone, tablet and other gadgets are covered, wherever you and your gadgets are, and this also includes a laptop and mobile phone replacement within 24 hours (one working day) of your claim being approved.
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Need to leave?

If you have an emergency back home, you're leaving university or looking to change accommodation, it is best to speak to your property team on reception. We also recommend reading our cancellation policy.
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Other questions during your stay

Can I have friends/family to stay overnight?

We want you to consider your Unite Students room as your home and are happy for you to have guests to stay. All we ask is that you let the on-site team know and that you consider your other flatmates and treat them with courtesy. You are responsible for any guests that you have staying with you and are liable if they cause any problems.

Can I smoke in my room?

All our properties are non-smoking throughout so please speak to your property team to ask where you can smoke. There are usually outside areas for you to smoke with ashtrays provided.

My room is not like the website – I want to move. Can I do this?

All our show flats, and the images on our website, are representative of a particular room type unless labelled otherwise – however they are not identical. Your room will have all the same features and fittings, just in a slightly different set up. If you are unhappy with your room, please speak to the reception team. Where there are other rooms available we will offer these as an alternative.

I am locked out of my room/my key doesn't work. Who do I call to get back in?

We have dedicated on-site Service and Safety teams in all our cities – which means that there will always be someone around who can help you with things like new keys. Part of their job is doing patrols of the site and attending to incidents, so don't worry if there is nobody at reception. You can let us know that you need help by contacting us via the security call point located near your reception or front door or by calling the Emergency Control Centre on 0300 303 1611. You can also install the MyUnite app, which will connect you directly to the Emergency Control Centre if you are locked out.

Some belongings of mine have been stolen, what should I do?

If something is stolen from inside your flat, or there has been a break-in, please contact the police and then inform the reception team. If it is out of reception opening hours, you can contact our Emergency Control Centre on 0300 303 1611. You will get a crime reference number from the police which may help you to recover the cost of the items, depending on your insurance cover. The police will usually contact us to obtain the CCTV footage from our Security and Safety Teams to assist them in any criminal matter.

Can I park on site?

Many of our properties have a car park for students. There is a weekly cost for booking a car parking space, but you can choose to pay this in instalments. Car parking availability is limited, very popular and issued on a first-come first-served basis so please get in touch by calling us on 0300 303 8645 from the UK, or +44 117 302 7497 if you're overseas, and you require a parking space for your stay.

Why are my windows restricted?

Your window may have a restricting device that limits how far it opens. It's there for your safety so it's important that you don't disconnect or damage it, or let anyone else do so. If the window fittings do become damaged, you need to tell a member of the property team straight away. We check all the windows and their fittings regularly, to make sure they're all safe and working properly. Depending on the floor you live on, it may be possible to derestrict your window upon request and with approval from the management of your property. Please speak to your reception team.

Do the properties have fire safety measures?

All of our properties comply with building regulations and have the necessary life safety systems installed that match the individual requirements of the building in question This may include but will not be limited to alarm systems, sprinklers, dry/wet risers and automatic smoke ventilation.
It is important to note that each premises will have different requirements in terms of installed fire safety systems dependent on aspects such as the number of floors, the number of escape routes and when the building was constructed or refurbished.

Is there air conditioning?

Please speak to your property team for further information.

What are the reception hours of the property?

Reception hours vary from property to property; most properties will advertise their opening hours at reception.

Who's the manager?

Each city has dedicated managers for all our properties; you should be able to find out your manager's name by speaking to the staff at reception. The manager may not always be in your building as they may manage several properties.

Why didn't you tell me about the building site next door to the property?

As our properties are situated in prime city centre locations, we sometimes have developments happening nearby. We will advise you about this when you book if we can, however we cannot be held responsible for other companies' building works and are not always kept informed of when works will be taking place.

Getting in touch with us

If you need to speak us about any issues you may have, you can contact our service centre who are on hand to help you.
If you have booked a room with Unite Students through your University and have any questions about your payments, we recommend contacting your university directly.
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