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Essential Wi-Fi

Living with Unite Students currently includes access to up to 70MB Wi-Fi as part of your room across all our properties.

With Wi-Fi you can connect multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles so that, whether you're in the common room, study area or your bedroom, you're always connected.
Laptop computer and smart phone


Glide are our broadband provider*, to get online you just need to register an account.
Once initial registration is completed you may be asked to log in again if you have been disconnected from the internet for a period of time – We do this to keep your account secure and ensure that no one else is benefiting from the services that you have paid for without your knowledge.
* If you’re staying at any of the following properties, Wi-Fi is provided by your university: Sidney Webb House in London; Harry French Halls, The Holt, William Morris Halls and William Morris Villas in Loughborough; James Baillie Park in Leeds.

Upgrade Now

Are you a gamer? Do you stream live TV on a regular basis?

Upgrade to a faster internet speed now and benefit from the following:
  • Up to 100Mbps service
  • Even faster broadband
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Annual subscription

TV Packages

Get TV broadcast quality on your laptop

Access an extensive range of channels and viewing features right from your laptop.
The good news is ViewCom standard is free, but you can also sign up for Sky Sports and more!

Getting connected

Having trouble? Click the button below for additional help.

We've put together a guide to help you get online - and how to troubleshoot any problems with your connection.
Student working in study area

Need Help?

Alternatively pop down and speak to the team on reception.