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Understanding your booking

If you're looking to find out more about when, where and how you need to make payments or if you have any questions about your rent, this guide is here to help.

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Common questions about your booking

What is advance rent?

Advance rent is our new upfront payment type. It is a payment of a set amount (usually £250) towards your first rent instalment and is required at the point of booking. Advance rent will be exempt from anyone booking in Scotland, paying in full, rebooking or booking after the due date of the first instalment.

What is an instalment schedule?

Your instalment schedule outlines how much, how often and when you need to pay your rent. You choose the number of instalments during the booking process. If you are a student with a permanent UK home address then you will usually have the option of paying in one, four or eight instalments. If your permanent home address is outside the UK then you have the option of one or two instalments.
You can find your instalment schedule for each booking in the My Booking section of My Account.

What is a charge?

A charge is an amount owed on your statement in your account. In most cases the charge is a rent instalment and will still appear if the amount has been paid. Any payments will appear as a separate line on your statement. Other charges that can appear on your statement include any other products you have purchased or any damage charges following your check out inspection.

If you booked through your University

Booking and payment processes can differ for customers who booked through their university. If you have made any upfront or rent payments through your university, we recommend contacting your university accommodation team with any questions about your rent and payments.
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If you need to cancel your booking with us, you can do so but you may still be liable to pay your rent if you completed your booking and are outside the cooling off period. You can find out more information in our cancellation policy.

No place, No pay

We understand that applying for a University place or a visa application can be a stressful process. That's why if you don't get the results you need or your visa application is declined, we'll cancel your booking free of charge giving you peace of mind.

Common questions about payments

What happens if I can't make a payment?

Your instalment due dates are outlined in your tenancy agreement and by accepting the terms and conditions of your contract, both customer and guarantor are accepting responsibility for payment on the dates provided. If you are unable to make payment for your rent, please speak to your property team. They will be able to discuss with you your payment options and advise you of any future implications dependant on how late the payment will be.

What happens if I can't pay because I haven't received my loan yet?

We work in partnership with over 100 Universities who provide their loans and grants at different times of the year. We always try to align our payment dates with the receipt of student loans but this may not always be possible.
If you have not yet moved in, please bring proof of your student loan dates with you upon arrival. You will still be able to move in and you will not receive any charges for non-payment before your check in date. However, we cannot guarantee that further charges will not be applied to your account after your check in date if payment is not received. 
If you already live with us and have not yet received your loan, please speak to your property team today and they will be able to advise you of your payment options. 

What methods can I use to pay?

You can pay by credit/debit card or direct debit. You select your payment method when booking. If you need to add your rent payment details you can do so here. 
If you are a customer looking to make a payment, you can do this in My Account on the payment tab.
If you are making a payment on behalf of a customer, you can also do this through our website on the make a payment screen. Please ensure you have the customers' full name and booking code available when making a payment so that we can allocate this to the correct account.
If you are unable to pay by these methods, on exception we allow customers to pay via bank transfer. Please speak to your property team for further information.

What should I do if my Direct Debit fails? 

When a payment is due, we will send the payment instruction to your bank 10 working days before its due date. At the point of the instruction being sent, we will not be able to supress the automatic payment so we will require more than 10 working days notice if your payment is not going to be successful. 
If we have already attempted to take payment for your instalment or you have notified us with less than 10 working days notice, please wait 3 working days from the instalment due date for the automatic payment to fail. You will then be able to make a payment manually here. You will not receive any charges for a failed payment from Unite but please check with your bank as they may charge you a fee. 
We will not re-attempt to take an automatic payment after it has failed and payment for this instalment will be required to be made manually. 

Protecting yourself

It's quick and easy to protect yourself if you have to leave your course with Endsleigh's tuition fees and rent insurance.
You can still apply for this protection even if you have already started university.
Endsleigh Insurance

Need to make a payment?

If you are looking to make a payment, all you need is the Customer ID and Booking Code. These can be found on the top of any booking emails or in My Account.  

Adding payment details?

To secure your booking we need payment details for your rent instalments. You can check if you need to provide them in the My Booking section of My Account.