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Logging in FAQs

How do I get the MyUnite App?
The MyUnite app is free to download from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play store.
When can I use the MyUnite app?
Once you’ve completed the steps to finalise your booking, you’ll be able to access the MyUnite app.
How do I log in to the MyUnite App?
If you booked your room on our website or over the phone you will have provided an email address and set up a password. Use those same credentials to log in to the app.
If you booked your room through your university you will be able to set up a password within the app by clicking on "Need a new password?". Follow those steps to create a new password. The email address should be the one you provided at check-in or the one allocated to you by your university.
If you have any problems logging in please contact your Reception or email
How do I reset my password?
You can get a new password by following the link on the login screen of the MyUnite app.
Will the app work on my phone, tablet or other device?
The MyUnite app supports Apple iOS devices with iOS version 8 onwards and Android devices with JellyBean or later installed.

Get Ready for Check-in FAQs

Let us know when you’ll be arriving.

I’ve chosen my preferred arrival time, can I make a change to it?
Yes. You can change your arrival time by clicking on your check-in summary and selecting ‘edit’. You’ll then be able to choose a new timeslot.
Some timeslots are showing in red, can I still choose one of these?
Yes. You can select one of these if you would like to, we’ll be busier at these times so you may have a short wait when you arrive but we’ll get you checked-in as quickly as we can.
How do I let you know if I’m running late?
If you’re only running a few hours late, you don’t need to let us know. But if you’ll be arriving on a different day, please edit your arrival time by clicking on your check-in summary and selecting ‘edit’. You’ll then be able to choose a new timeslot.
What if I miss my timeslot?
That’s ok. Timeslots are there to help during busy times, you’ll be able to check-in whenever you arrive.
I can’t see Get Ready for Check-in on my app menu, why is this?
This feature isn’t available for some properties. When this is the case, you’ll be able to check-in at any time from your tenancy start date and we’ll be in touch directly if there are any specific instructions that you need to know.
Let us know if you need help using this feature by emailing
The above inbox is for help using our app, if you wish to request an earlier check-in on a different day, please contact us here

uChat FAQs

uChat allows you to connect with your future flatmates.

I’ve booked a studio room, can I use uChat?
uChat is only available to students who will live in our shared flats.
I have access to more than one chatroom. Which one should I use?
Each tenancy booking you have with us will appear as a separate chat room. You can access the chat window of any chat room you have access to. Take a look at a chat room's friends list to find out who else has opted into that chat.
Why can’t I see all of my flatmates in the chatroom?
Some users may not have downloaded our app yet or it’s possible that they’ve chosen to opt out of using uChat.
I want to report someone's behaviour in uChat. How do I do this?
You can let us know about this by going to the chatroom selection screen and clicking the ‘report a problem’ button where you’ll be asked to provide further details. We’ll review your report in accordance to our moderation guidelines and take any necessary steps to resolve the issue.
I have changed my room but I can only see the chatroom for my old booking. How do I update this?
The chatroom will update only once you’ve completed the steps to finalise your new booking. 
If you’ve done this and are still seeing the chatroom for your previous booking, please contact us at and we’ll look into this.
If your question isn’t answered above or you need to report a problem with uChat, please contact and we’ll be able to help.

Useful Information FAQs

Find information about preparing to move in, your new room and the local area.

Useful Information isn't showing the correct room and property information for my booking. How can I fix this?
If you’ve made a change to your booking and this isn’t showing yet, please log out and back in again and this should allow the app to update.
If this doesn’t help or if you are seeing the wrong information, please let us know by emailing

Maintenance Requests FAQs

The easiest way to let us know if something needs to be fixed.

How do I raise a maintenance request?
To report a problem, go to the Maintenance Request section of the app. You’ll be asked to provide details about the issue and you can add pictures too. Our maintenance team will arrange a visit and we’ll keep you updated on our progress through app notifications.
If you’re having difficulty sending your maintenance request, please contact us here:
Please note that this inbox is monitored Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm. If you have an urgent maintenance issue and are unable to send your request through the app, please call us on 0300 303 1611.

Parcel Notifications FAQs

There's no need to worry about missing your parcel as we'll take it in for you during our opening hours, store it safely for up to a week, and notify you of its arrival through the app.

When do I receive parcel notifications?
The MyUnite app will inform you if reception is holding a parcel for you. Any post that fits into your personal mail box is not logged via the app and you won't receive notifications for that – just check your mail box as normal.

Noise Complaints

Use the noise complaint feature to let us know if you’re hearing excessive noise at an unreasonable time – our service and safety team will investigate.

Locked Out Request

Tell us if you’re locked out and we’ll send a member of our service and safety team to let you in - no matter what time it is.

Laundry FAQs

Find an available washer or dryer, pay for and start your laundry all in one place.

How do I start a washer or dryer?
1. Tap the Laundry icon in the MyUnite app.
2. Add funds to your account using PayPal or your Debit/Credit Card. There's a minimum top up amount of £5.
3. Select Use Machine, scan the QR code and tap to confirm you want to use that machine.
4. Select cycle and press start on the machine.
5. Once the cycle has started you can track progress by selecting the Status icon.
Do I need a PayPal account to add funds?
No. You can make a one-off payment using a debit or credit card by selecting Check out as guest in PayPal. For help with PayPal, visit the PayPal Help Centre or call PayPal on 0800 358 7911.
What happens if my camera is broken and I can’t scan the machine QR code?
There's a number on every machine, below the QR code - e.g. SIEM36LH. You can manually enter this into the app and the machine will start in the same way.
Who do I call if I need help with a broken machine?
You can call Circuit on 01422 820026 and select option 3, or you can email them at If a machine has taken your money but not started, call the Circuit refund line on 01422 820040 or 0800 092 4068.
I don’t have a smart phone, what can I do?
Come and speak to us at reception and we'll help.
If your question isn’t answered above or if you need to report a problem with Laundry, please let us know by emailing

Other Questions

Why can't I see all of the features referenced above?
In order to use all the features, of the MyUnite app you need to be checked in to your room. Before that, you will still be able to access uChat* and Useful Information features.
If you are checked in but are still not seeing all the features the team on reception at your property will be able to amend this for you.
*uChat is only available for customers living in a shared flat.
What do you do with my data?
Any data you enter into the MyUnite app is only used to log you in and to take care of the maintenance issues you've raised. The data is used within our systems but we don't use the data you provide via the app for any other purpose.
We do track usage of the app both anonymously for trends and user logins to ensure our students are getting the most out of the app and to inform future developments.
How do I receive notifications from the MyUnite app?
When you first use the MyUnite app it is set to send you notifications. Sometimes there can be a delay of up to 30 minutes for a notification to come through if our systems are particularly busy.
Please note, push notifications are not currently available for messages sent within uChat.