How do I accept my tenancy agreement?

Once you have booked your room with us you will receive an email, titled 'Booking Offer Confirmation' and Acceptance. In that email you will find a link to 'View' your agreement.

Follow this link and log in with your email and password if prompted. If you’ve not yet registered an account you will be asked to activate one using the email address you provided when your booking was made.

The following 'Accepting your Agreement' page contains all your booking and payment information as well the Terms and Conditions which you need to read and tick to confirm you have reviewed them. You can also download a copy of your Customer Agreement here and save it for your reference.

Once you have read your agreement thoroughly and ticked to indicate that you have reviewed the booking details and terms and conditions, you can enter your password and click on the accept tenancy button.

And that's it. You've now accepted your tenancy agreement.

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