Can I book a flat with friends?

Want to book a flat with friends? No problem. You can use our group booking tool to do exactly that!

Before completing the group booking form, you’ll need to know how many people you want to book with and which property you’d like to live in. Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fill in our form

Use the drop-down boxes to choose your city, where you’d like to live and how many people are in your group. Then select your flat size preference. This decides if your group wants to share with others or not.

Once you’re happy, click ’search‘.

Step 2: Select your flat

You’ll then be shown a selection of the flats we have available. You’ll see the location of the flat, the total number of rooms and the number of rooms left; you’ll need to select one option. If there ’t any flats available, click the ’back to search‘ button and try different search preferences.

Step 3: Choose your rooms

The rooms show the room number, the type of room and the dates you can book for. You can select any number of rooms to book, and you can unselect the rooms using the cross on the corner. Remember to select a room for each person in your group!

Step 4: Add your group’s details

Next, let us know the name and email address of each member of your group. If you’re the lead booker, use the ’your room‘ button to assign which room is yours.

Once you’ve added your details, click continue and submit your booking. An email with the details of the room you’ve selected will then be sent to your group, inviting them to book their room too.

It’s that simple!

Click here to start your group booking.

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