What should I do if my Direct Debit fails?

When a payment is due, we will send the payment instruction to your bank 10 working days before its due date. At the point of the instruction being sent, we will not be able to supress the automatic payment so we will require more than 10 working days' notice if your payment is not going to be successful. 

If we have already attempted to take payment for your instalment or you have notified us with less than 10 working days' notice, please wait 3 working days from the instalment due date for the automatic payment to fail. You will then be able to make a payment manually here. You will not receive any charges for a failed payment from Unite Students but please check with your bank as they may charge you a fee.  

We will not re-attempt to take an automatic payment after it has failed and payment for this instalment will be required to be made manually. 

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