Can I return to my room during the summer if I’ve checked-out on the app?

For students living in our properties in England, your check-out on the MyUnite App effects a surrender of your tenancy. The contract terms, value of your contract and any outstanding sums owed to Unite Students are not impacted by your surrender and there is no rent due back to you if you’ve chosen to move out early.

Any rights that you or your landlord have or may have against the other in respect of any breach of tenancy that took place prior to the tenancy ending are not affected.

In England, once you’ve checked-out we don’t expect you to return, and we will start to prepare the room ready for the next student. 

For students living in Scotland and Wales, the law is a bit different when it comes to checking-out. If you have chosen to check-out early and return your keys, but need to return to your property before the end of your tenancy agreement, you must get in touch with your property team.

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