Self-isolationCan I quarantine in my flat when I travel from overseas or will I have to use a hotel?If my flatmates are coming from overseas, will they have to self-isolate?If my flatmate needs to self-isolate when they arrive, will they do this in my flat?If I have to self-isolate, can I still leave my flat to get food and exercise?If I've come into contact with someone who has Covid-19 symptoms, do I have to self-isolate too?​If someone in my flat comes into contact with someone with Covid-19, does my flat have to isolate?If I have to self-isolate and am struggling to cope, can I go home?What is the procedure for self-isolating?Can I receive food deliveries whilst self-isolating?How can I let you know that I’m self-isolating?How can I get tested for Covid-19?What if I registered as self-isolating, but have tested negative?What do I do about sharing a bathroom while I'm self-isolating?If my flatmates and I have to self-isolate, how will we get food?What should I do differently if I’m self-isolating?Can you support me if I’m struggling with self-isolation?What data does Unite Students store while you are self-isolating?What should I do if I’m self-isolating, but need to pick up prescription medicine?How do I get rid of rubbish if I’m self-isolating?Can I use the laundry room if I’m self-isolating?How do I collect parcels if I’m self-isolatingHow do I collect post if I’m self-isolating? My friend/parents want to deliver items to me. Are they allowed to do this?