HelpCovid-19How will Unite Students keep my building clean?

How will Unite Students keep my building clean?

We have adapted our properties and our ways of working to ensure Covid-19 risks are minimised. These are the things we will do for every customer, across every property to provide a clean, safe and secure environment:

  • Provide hand sanitising stations in all receptions and welcome areas.
  • Install customer service screens where possible in reception areas to protect students and staff.
  • Follow Public Health England guidance on social distancing, hand washing and PPE, adjusting our processes and procedures as needed.
  • Ensure all high-touch points in communal areas are frequently sanitised.
  • Provide all our staff with extra training and guidance to help keep students and employees safe and secure.
  • Display clearly visible guidance posters and signs to act as reminders about social distancing and frequent hand washing.
  • Our Clean+ six-stage cleaning and inspection process will be implemented across student rooms in all properties.
  • All staff will wear appropriate PPE when cleaning and sanitising bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms before new students arrive.

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