HelpCovid-19Can I receive food deliveries whilst self-isolating?

Can I receive food deliveries whilst self-isolating?

During any periods of self-isolation, students are encouraged to support each other and draw on the help of friends with things like safely dropping off food and other essentials outside of your flat door for you to collect. Unite Students cannot be responsible for the supplying of food to students while in self isolation. We can however provide details of local food delivery firms and University support services where available.

If students are having food delivered to the property, and staffing levels do allow for us to help, our employees will do all they can to drop your food off at the flat door for you (following the face mask/covering guidance). Alternatively, the delivery driver can be signed into reception to deliver the food, being advised to drop the food at the flat door. Again, the delivery driver must adhere to the face mask/covering guidance and must be signed out before leaving the property.

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