HelpInternational StudentsHow will my university support me if I choose to study in the UK?

How will my university support me if I choose to study in the UK?

The UK is a safe place to study, and UK universities are prioritising students’ safety and wellbeing. UK universities are committed to supporting all students, including international students already in the UK, as well as those considering studying in the UK from autumn 2020.

The UK Government is working with the higher education sector to ensure that students are welcomed to the UK and are supported on arrival by their chosen university during these unprecedented times. We are proud that so many international students choose to study in the UK, but understand that the Covid-19 outbreak will have a significant impact on the higher education sector as a whole.

Our world-leading universities, which thrive on being global institutions, will always be open to international students. UK Governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and the higher education sector are working together to ensure existing rules and processes are as flexible as possible under the current unprecedented circumstances to ensure that international students planning to study in the UK from autumn 2020 can do so.

International students considering studying at a UK higher education provider from September 2020 should contact their chosen university to find out how they are adapting to Covid-19, including how international students can prepare themselves for an autumn start. International students should get in touch with their current or prospective UK university if they have any concerns about the support they are receiving or are due to receive.

Many providers will have hardship funds to support domestic and international students in times of need, including emergencies and can help signpost to additional support.

The Government has worked closely with the Office for Students to help clarify that providers in England can draw upon existing funding to increase hardship funds and support disadvantaged students impacted by Covid-19. Providers are able to use the funding – worth around £23 million per month for June and July – towards student hardship funds, including the purchase of IT equipment and mental health support, as well as to support providers’ access and participation plans.

The Scottish Government’s Student Support Action Plan provided emergency funding of £5 million for students in hardship across Further and Higher Education.

UK higher education providers consistently do their utmost to ensure international students feel welcome on university campuses; they are clear that everyone with the talent and potential to succeed in higher education has the opportunity to do so, regardless of nationality, ethnic or national origins.

Source: UK Government
Correct as at 29.6.2020

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