My small appliance is broken. What should I do?

If your toaster, kettle or iron has stopped working, we can arrange a replacement for you to collect from reception.

Simply raise a maintenance request in the MyUnite app and a member of your property team will be in touch to let you know when you can collect your replacement.

Please note that the following exclusions apply:

  • Toasters in Aberdeen properties
  • Kettles and toasters in Portsmouth properties
  • Toasters and irons in Bournemouth properties
  • Kettles, toasters and irons at Calthorpe Court and Beech Gardens in Birmingham
  • Kettles, toasters and irons at Cathedral Park in Bristol
  • Kettles, toasters and irons in Cardiff properties (Except Blackweir Lodge which provides all)
  • Kettles and toasters at Bridgewater Heights and Mill Point in Manchester
  • Kettles, toasters and irons in Southampton properties

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