What should I do during a planned power outage?

When the power goes out, it’s important to be indoors in order to keep as warm as possible. You should also:

  • Use a torch if you have one
  • Charge your phone and laptop, and any power banks you may have
  • Do not use candles or any open flames
  • Keep your fridge/freezer door closed
  • Boil your kettle, and pour hot water in a thermal flask if you have one. You can also use this to store liquid foods like soup
  • Wear a warm jumper, blanket or scarf, gloves & hat handy to stay warm
  • Keep some food available that can be eaten cold

It’s important to know that it may take some time to get the power safely back on. If you see buildings around with the lights on, but your property is not back on yet, it just means it’s taking us a little longer depending on the size of your property.

You may also see us entering your flat to support getting the power back on, whether this is to make sure everyone is safe or to check some equipment in your flat.

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