Home Charter
We all have to work together to create a Home for Success. That’s why we developed the Home Charter. By making these commitments to one another, we’re doing our bit to help.

What you can expect from uS:

  • Put your safety first and take every step we can to provide you with a Covid-19 ready safe and secure home
  • Provide clear health and safety advice for you and your flatmates to follow, including specific Covid-19 guidance
  • Help you settle into your home and provide 24-hour support
  • Work closely with our university partners to ensure we’re aligned on how best to support you
  • Provide a wellbeing service enabling you to access relevant support and guidance
  • Make our buildings more sustainable, buy 100% renewable electricity, and report publicly on our activity in this area
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage and participate in community life

What you can expect from each other:

  • Follow Unite Students’ guidance on conduct, fire safety, hygiene and Covid-19 social distancing
  • Treat your peers, our employees, and the wider community with respect
  • Share communal spaces and facilities fairly while keeping them clean, hygienic and Covid-19 safe
  • Take responsibility for your behaviour, owning the consequences and trying to resolve any issues as they arise
  • Reduce your environmental impact by recycling waste, conserving energy and not wasting water
  • Engage each other in conversation, communicate how you feel and respect each other’s differences
  • Agree to keep noise down when necessary and take action to ensure you don’t disturb one another

Our promises

Safe and secure

Buildings, teams, rules. Everything we do is designed to protect you.

Getting you settled

New place, new people, new start. We’ll help you settle in and feel at home.

There when you need us

Whatever you need, you’ve got our support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.