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How it works?

  1. Get The App – Download the Printt app to start printing for free today
  2. Upload – Upload the documents you want to print via the mobile app
  3. Print – Tap your phone to locate a printer within your property or at a nearby property
A woman holding a mobile printing something through the Unite Students free Printt app

Sponsored adverts

Free printing is made possible thanks to Printt’s sponsors who place ads on the footer of your documents and in-app whilst you are printing off your work.
From lecture notes to festival tickets, start printing for free today and save money whilst you’re at university.

Printers everywhere around you

With over 750 locations across the UK, Printt is always nearby. Get within 5 metres of your closest printer and press ‘printt’ in the app. See below for full list of properties where Printt is available:
Aberdeen: The Old Fire Station, Causeway View  
Bath: Charlton Court, Waterside Court  
Birmingham: Jennens Court, Curzon Gateway, Athena Studios, Harriet Martineau, William Murdoch, Mary Sturge, James Watt, Lakeside
Bournemouth: Purbeck House  
Bristol: Orchard Heights, The Rackhay, Waverley House, Chantry Court, Blenheim Court, Culver House, Marketgate, Phoenix Court, Studio 58, Favell House, Unite House, Nelson and Drake House
Coventry: Millennium View, Callice Court, Gosford Gate, Raglan House  
Durham: Elvet Studios  
Edinburgh: Salisbury Court, Sugarhouse Close, The Old Printworks, Chalmers Street  
Exeter: Exeter Trust House, Northfield, Northernhay House  
Glasgow: Blackfriars, Thurso Street, Kelvin Court, Tramworks   
Leeds: The Tannery, Concept Place, Broadcasting Tower, The Plaza, Joseph Stones House, The Priory, James Baillie Park 
Leicester: Filbert Village, Newarke Point, St Martins House, The Grange  
Liverpool: St Lukes View, Grand Central, Reception for USV 
London: Stratford One, Stapleton House, Angel Lane, Emily Bowes Court, St Pancras Way, Olympic Way, North Lodge, Moonraker Point, Station Court, Wellington Lodge, Blithehale Court, East Central House, Julian Markham House, Quantum Court, Beaumont Court, Sherren House, Ewen Henderson Court, Student Living Heights, Pacific Court  
Loughborough: William Morris Halls, Harry French Court, The Holt  
Manchester: Parkway Gate, Kincardine Court, Piccadilly Point, New Medlock House 
Newcastle: Manor Bank, Camden Court
Nottingham: Riverside Point, St Peters Court 
Oxford: Dorset House, Beech House  
Portsmouth: Greetham Street Reception, Trafalgar Hall, James Watson Hall, Greetham Street Study Room
Reading: Kendrick Hall  
Sheffield: Central Quay, The Forge, The Anvil, Devonshire Courtyard, Leadmill Point

Handing in printed work?

For coursework, dissertations and other hand-in materials, you can print documents without adverts on the footer of your documents, which costs 5p per page. The cost of printing the whole document is shown in the app before you press print. 
A woman holding a mobile printing something through the Unite Students free Printt app

Printt it, Plantt it

A portion of the cost of every page that gets printed goes straight to the Woodland Trust to plant more trees, so we can all enjoy nature as intended.
Printt also run their our own initiative simply called the Printt Million Trees initiative. Printt plants a tree for every 5,000 pages printed via Printt!