Cooking as a student: Where to find recipes, and two quick go-to meals

20 Aug 2019
By Vanessa R., Student at University of Glasgow

My interest in cooking started long before university. I cooked for my family regularly, tried different recipes, and experimented with altering ingredients. Starting uni, however, was somewhat more challenging.

Not only did I have to plan everything myself, but I also had to start cooking for just one person. Staying healthy within a tight budget was a challenge, which led me to the strategies of prepping sauces, buying frozen and canned vegetables, and always having go-to recipes that are quick, delicious and filling.

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Hello, I am Vanessa, a 25-year old postgrad from Germany. My passion for writing evolved through my linguistic studies and the many books I read. In my free time I love to explore the world, may it be through fashion, travelling and cooking and I am always open for new experiences with my friends and family.