Worried about cooking for yourself at uni? Here’s how to become a better chef

25 Jul 2019
By Emily Z., Student at University of Edinburgh

As a child, I always followed my mum around and usually she would be in the kitchen, so I’d watch her cook every day. As I grew older, I began wanting to help. By taking part with the cooking process, I could observe and learn at the same time.

What’s even better is to have your parent or guardian observe you cooking whilst they tell you what to do. This is a good way to ensure you’re doing all the right things and helps increase memory retention since you are the one cooking.

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Emily is studying Architecture at the College of Art in the University of Edinburgh. As someone who enjoys the arts, she spends her free time handcrafting not only as a hobby but to expand her knowledge on multiple art skills e.g. textiles, printmaking techniques and photography. Furthermore, she enjoys mountain and hill walking as a form of exercise.