3 simple ways to improve your everyday life

15 Feb 2022
By Reb H, Student at

‘New Year, New Me’ is probably a phrase you’ve heard recently, whether that means going to the gym more, changing a negative mindset, or taking up a new hobby.

While it’s normal to set big goals as we transition from one year to the next, I often find those ambitious intentions are long forgotten by February. However, I do believe there are smaller steps we can take to make a positive impact on our lives.

Here are three simple changes I’ve made to my everyday routine that have benefited me more than any big New Year’s goal.

Allow time to properly wind down before sleep

Do you often switch the lights off to sleep, then find you feel more awake than you have all day? If you’re anything like me, it could be because you’re not winding down from screens early enough.

When you’re staring at your phone or your laptop, your brain is being stimulated, and it takes time to calm down. An hour before bed, make a concerted effort to switch away from screens and take the time to do something else - like reading a book or tidying.

Separate work and play

With some of us still studying online, the divide between uni work and home has become increasingly blurred. Like with sleep, it can be hard to switch out of your work mindset and relax when you’re in the same physical environment.

To combat this, you need to learn how to manage your schedule. Make time for getting up and stretching between video calls, set a timer to stop working on your assessments after a certain time in the evening, and plan in regular breaks to get up and stretch between video calls.

Figure out when you’re going to be working and when you aren’t, and stick to that schedule like it’s a job with set hours.

Remember to leave your room!

I often feel that if there isn’t a reason to go out like a lecture, then I should just stay home. And that mindset is from the constant lockdowns over the past couple of years, so it’s understandable!

If you can go for a walk around campus, even just for ten minutes, or sit in the library or a cafe to work, then take that chance - you won’t realise how much you need it until you do it. University is a social experience just as much as an educational one, and as things slowly go back to what we remember pre-Covid, there are many ways you can have that experience while still staying safe.

You might already do these three things - if so, you’re a lot more organised than me and I applaud you. But if you don’t, give them a try! With these simple adjustments, you might find the time and headspace for some of the more ambitious plans you had at the start of the year.

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