6 Things your favourite housemate doesn’t do

23 Oct 2017
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Living with friends for the first time is one of the great uni experiences. But it takes compromise and communication to find a good balance in your shared home.

Before you try to understand everyone’s personality quirks, there’s a few basic ground rules you can all benefit from.

Be the flatmate people love living with by making sure you don’t…

Smoke indoors

You’re not allowed to smoke in your Unite Students home – there’s an outside area for that. This keeps you safe, and gives non-smokers a space they’re comfortable in.

Smoke inside and two things will happen. You’ll:

  1. set the fire alarm off, dragging everybody outside while the fire brigade investigates
  2. cost yourself and your flatmates money in smoke damage charges.

You’ll make yourself pretty unpopular with either error. It’s really not worth the risk.

Cook carelessly

Repeatedly burning toast or leaving things in the oven to cremate will make your kitchen smell horrible and waste food – plus the smoke could set off the fire alarm.

Take care when you cook and don’t let anything else distract you.

Burn candles

Like smoking, burning candles isn’t allowed in your flat for fire safety reasons. Plus, you don’t want to subject your housemates to a smell they hate – Autumn spices might relax you, but others might consider them nose abuse.

Get some LED tea lights – their light is more relaxing and they don’t catch fire.

Shower with your fan off

You might have already realised that the steam from your shower can set your fire alarm off.

Switch your bathroom fan on before you shower and keep the door closed until the steam’s gone away.

Steal food and drinks

You might not have bad intentions, maybe you’ve just run out of cash or it’s raining too hard for a run to the shops. But don’t be tempted, food theft isn’t worth the trouble it causes.

Try agreeing on a list of shared foods – basics such as milk, bread, eggs, coffee, teabags and sugar.. Take it in turns to buy them so you’ve always got the essentials.

Everything else belongs to whoever bought it.

Create and leave a mess

Dirty dishes, takeaway boxes, dirty clothes. There’s nothing worse than living with other people’s mess or – worse – having to wash their dishes just so you can cook.

Nobody expects you to spend all your time cleaning, just clean up after yourself as you go so it never becomes a huge job.

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Staff writer at The Common Room