8 Acts of kindness to make your flatmate smile

13 Nov 2017
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Could your friend or flatmate do with a little pick-me-up? Kindness Day UK is your perfect excuse to provide one.

On 13 November, people across the UK will engage in acts of kindness with loved ones and total strangers – and you can get involved too.

Remind your flatmate you’re thinking about them

If one of your flatmates is feeling a little blue, here are eight ways you can make their day better.

1) Leave them a positive post-it note

Remind your friend you're thinking about them by sticking an uplifting message somewhere they'll definitely see it - fridge, cupboard, TV, laptop, bedroom door.

2) Make an extra portion

Cooking something nice tonight? Make an extra portion to share with your flatmate. Sometimes there's nothing better than a homemade meal for lifting the spirits – especially when someone else has cooked it.

3) Lend them a good book

It doesn't have to be The Conquest of Happiness. It could be an old favourite or something you've just finished, but never underestimate the power of a good book. Whether they love it or hate it, you'll have something to talk about if either of you is feeling down.

4) Include them in conversation

There are lots of big characters at uni, and sometimes the more confident people can dominate the conversation. If you know your flatmate's a bit shy, try to include them by asking their opinion. Or, subtly change the subject to something you know they enjoy talking about.

5) Pay them a compliment when they're going out

A little confidence boost can go a long way. If you think they're feeling less than great about the way they look, let them know you think they look fab.

6) Give them a gift – your time

Pick them up a treat when you go shopping. Cookies? Wine? Crisps? Whatever you think they'll appreciate. Offer to share it with them as a way to initiate a catch-up.

7) Stick up for them

Out with your flatmate and overhear a negative remark about them? Instead of staying quiet, let the gossips know you don't agree by telling them what a great person your flatmate really is.

8) Help them with the dishes

If your flatmate looks tired, stressed or busy, offer to take out the bin, put away their shopping or do the washing up. Ok, so this one sort of sucks for you but they'll love you for it.

What goes around comes around

True generosity is giving without expectation, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the awesome feeling you get from doing something kind for others.

And you never know, perhaps the universe will repay you for your good deeds when you least expect it.

Remind your flatmate you’re thinking about them
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