How spending time outdoors helps me get the most out of uni

22 Jan 2020
By Abigail M, Student at Bath Spa University

As students, we can end up spending a lot of time indoors focusing on assignments. While it’s good to stay focused, you can only do that for so long before the walls close in and you feel like you just want to escape.

That’s why it’s important for me to take walks around my area. It’s not always a quick trip to grab milk from the corner shop, but an exhilarating walk where I can explore my city’s landmarks and get fresh air in my lungs.

It’s something that has really helped me throughout my time at university, and it can help you too. Here’s how...

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I'm Abigail, a 22-year-old writer currently studying MA Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University. I write a lot in my spare time - mainly fiction, scripts, articles, and blog posts. I also enjoy going for walks, volunteering, film and TV, animals, and coffee. I'm currently working on the script for a dystopian TV series and a script for a collaborative short film project.