‘I felt llamas’: How Ella deals with uni deadline stress

13 May 2019
By Ella S., Student at Birmingham City University

Uni deadlines are, for want of a better word, pants. We know we have to meet them in order to get the degree and we can’t just enjoy the lie-ins and the student discounts, but they can be a bit much to cope with when they start piling up.

At the beginning of my final year, I had a breakdown. I realised I had got myself worked up before I had barely even started the semester and I knew something wasn’t right. I saw my sister cope with anxiety and depression growing up and always got so frustrated when she just wouldn’t ask for help. So, I knew I needed to do something.

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I’m Ella, I’m 21 and in my third year at Birmingham City University. I’m currently studying Media and Communications specialising in Radio however I do study photography modules too.