‘I was thrown off a horse’: Handling the unexpected at uni

12 Apr 2019
By Ebony C., Student at University of Portsmouth

Have you ever broken a bone? Until my first year of university, I was one of those people who had never broken anything in their life. But that all changed when I was bucked off a horse during a riding session and fractured three vertebrae in my back.

Hours from home and with no idea that something like this would happen, I definitely wasn’t prepared. Life doesn’t always go to plan and injuries, especially, can’t always be anticipated. But knowing who can support you if something goes wrong can make the situation less scary.

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Hi, I'm Ebony! I'm a first year studying Palaeontology at the University of Portsmouth. My interests include rock and metal music, scientific illustration and, of course, reading and writing. I'm passionate about bringing science and art together and believe research and creativity go hand in hand. I also love giving advice - I hope you find my articles helpful!