Living with uS: How to use the gym in your Unite Students home

21 Sep 2020
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

We all know about the benefits of exercise, but the Covid-19 situation may leave you feeling concerned about exercising in shared space at the moment.

In this guide, we’ll explain what measures we’ve put in place to keep you safe, and what you can do to help too. If you’re planning to use the gym in your property, it’s important you read this before visiting.

What has Unite Students done

In line with Government guidance, we have introduced the following measures to help keep our gyms safe for you:

We’ve limited the number of people who can use it at any one time to make social distancing easier. This number will depend on the size of your gym, so you’ll need to check how many people are allowed in your gym with your reception team.

We’ve repositioned equipment to help maintain a safe distance between you and other gym users, and avoid face-to-face contact.

We’ve increased the frequency of our cleaning and added antibacterial cleaning sprays and paper towels for you to use.

These measures remain under constant review and are subject to change.

What we expect from you

1. Keep a safe distance  

We’ve repositioned equipment and reduced the number of people allowed in the gym to help you keep a safe distance.

2. Use hand sanitiser

You’ll find hand sanitiser at all entry points around your building, including the gyms. Please remember to use it each time you enter, and regularly sanitise or wash your hand for at least 20 seconds.  

3. Wipe down your equipment

You’ll find antibacterial cleaning sprays and paper towels in the gym. Before and after using any equipment, remember to wipe it down using these. Then dispose of the used paper towels in the bins provided.

4. Bring your own water

You’ll need to bring your own water into the gym, as there will no longer be access to the water fountain. And don’t forget that food isn’t allowed in the gym either.

5. Don’t use the gym if you’re unwell

You should self-isolate in your room if you have one or more symptoms of Covid-19. More information on the symptoms of Covid-19 and self-isolating can be found here.  

Don’t forget that you’ll need to self-isolate if someone else in your flat has Covid-19 symptoms too. When self-isolating, you should not be using the gym in your property.

If we all follow the advice in this article, we can ensure a safe environment where we can make the most of the benefits of exercise. However, if you think someone isn’t acting responsibly, please let a member of your reception team know.


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Staff writer at The Common Room