‘The fresh air makes me feel energised’: Why Phion loves cycling at uni

08 Aug 2019
By Phion C., Student at Durham University

As long as your new city isn’t very hilly, cycling is definitely the best way to get around at uni. You can get from A to B so much quicker than walking or waiting for the bus. For instance, it only takes me 10 minutes to get to uni and five to get home (it's downhill on the way back and I also take a shortcut through the woods). Or, when you just need to get some milk for tea on a weekend, you can quickly get to Tesco and be back in no time.

Or when you need to go to the library over the weekend and there’s only one bus every hour, you can cycle there whenever you like.

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My name is Phion, I am a first year postgraduate student in New and Renewable Energy at Durham University, and I claim to be an environmentalist, I am also a member of Grey College. I love traveling, eating, and playing all kinds of sports. I can speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently and practicing Spanish at the moment (struggling!).