6 Brilliant budgeting apps for students

04 Oct 2017
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Living on a budget can be difficult, but a little digital help can go a long way.

These 6 handy budgeting apps will get your finances on track and help you do more of the things you want to do at uni.

Squirrel iOS / Android

Best for spending less money

Separate the money you have for bills, savings and spending to see exactly what you've got left each month. Squirrel can even look after your money and deliver it to you in weekly or monthly instalments.

Wally iOS

Best for tracking what you spend

Keep track of your outgoings with this virtual spending diary. Save images of receipts and attach your location so you remember exactly what, when and where you’ve spent.

There’s no better way to banish bad habits than keeping a spending diary.

Splitwise iOS / Android

Best for splitting the bill

Ordered pizzas for a flat movie marathon? Planning a flatmates’ day out? Splitwise takes all the hassle out of asking people to chip in. Just create a group or an event and everybody can see exactly what they owe and who they need to pay. Going Dutch just got easier.

My Supermarket iOS / Android

Best for supermarket shopping

Compare the cost of your shopping across major supermarkets. Simply tap your list to see if you can get the items cheaper elsewhere. You can even scan product barcodes in the shop to find out if they’re more affordable somewhere else. 

Chip iOS / Android

Best for saving a little bit

Having nice things to look forward to is important. A small trip, that new pair of shoes. Chip connects to your bank account and learns, by looking at your spending, how much you can afford to put away. It then does that for you automatically and keeps it aside for when you need it.

TopCashback iOS / Android

Best for getting your money back

More than 4,500 retailers work with TopCashback, to give you money back on your usual spending habits. Get money back from online shopping, and upload photos of physical receipts of in-store purchases. Over time, you’ll build up a pot of cash in your TopCashback account, which you can withdraw at any time.

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