How to live on a budget and still save for summer travel

29 Mar 2022
By Grace R., Student at Oxford Brookes University

Ask 100 students and 99 of them will have been there, using what’s left in the cupboards to make a meal at the end of the month before the student loan drops or their part-time wages come in.

And aside from the day-to-day costs, many of them will also have travel and holiday dreams for the summer break. I’ve been in this exact situation, where it seems impossible to both survive on a student budget and make those distant travel plans a reality.

Well, I’m here to tell you it is possible.

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I am a current second year student at Oxford Brookes University studying Environmental Science BSc and have a keen interest in writing whilst also having a focus on the environment. I enjoy playing sports and being outdoors as much as possible (well when the weather is nice), whilst also taking time to develop and run my own social media pages for ThinkingForward which educates all about environmental issues and scientific articles.