OFFER: Cover the costs of dropping out

05 Oct 2017
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Accident, illness, and dropping out – three things we hope your university experience doesn’t include. You can add money worries to that list too.

But because the unexpected can happen, our insurance partner Endsleigh allows you to protect your rent and tuition fees.

What does rent and tuition fees cover do?

If you have to drop out of your course, you might not be able to recover any rent or tuition fees you’ve paid in advance. You might also still have to make future payments.

Rent and tuition fees protection covers you for up to £20,000 of these costs if you have to leave your course early because:

  • you suffer an accident or illness, or
  • you’re financially supported by your parents or guardians and they suffer:
    • an accident
    • an injury, or
    • redundancy.

If you’re living with us, you already have in-room contents insurance for your tech.

You can simply add rent and tuition fees protection to this policy.

Add tuition fees and rent protection to your insurance at the Endsleigh website

What about your stuff?

If your phone, laptop or tablet is damaged or stolen outside of your room, you’re not covered.

But you can easily build on your existing cover to include accidents outside your room.

Check and build on your contents insurance at the Endsleigh website

Disclaimer: Offers available to current Unite Students customers only.

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Staff writer at The Common Room