23 Weird and wonderful societies at UK universities

11 Jul 2018
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

There are two ways to join a university society. You can take the sensible route and join a society related to your course. You’ll mix with like-minded souls, and get some experience to shout about on your CV.

Or, you can join something barmy and have a right laugh with a bunch of strangers who become mates.

Given the choice, who wouldn’t join a gang called the Robogals?

Here are 23 of the weirdest and most wonderful societies around.


University of Aberdeen

Given the choice, who wouldn’t join a gang called the Robogals? Female participation in the STEM subjects is low, and the Robogals want to change that. Sign-up to inspire schoolgirls to pursue STEM subjects in education and as careers.

Rounders Society

University of Bath

Between the ages of 5 and 11, rounders is the sports cornerstone of the British school curriculum. This cricket-baseball hybrid reappears in our lives many years later, as a ‘fun’ activity for parents at their kids’ sports day - and at group picnics. Bags of fun.

Brum Dine With Me

University of Birmingham

Given the choice, who wouldn’t join a gang called the Robogals?

Here at the Common Room, we’re always talking about the twin joys of learning to cook and eating with others. At this society, you’ll be placed in a group with four or five strangers and, over six weeks, you’ll each take turns to cook and score each other’s food. Brilliant.

Cheese Society

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University SU’s website lists this as a ‘special interest’ group. I agree, cheese (all cheese) is very special. Not one for the vegans, but this group deserves its spot on our list purely for squeezing five cheese puns into a four-sentence description.


University of Bristol

Since Jeff Goldblum taught us that ‘life finds a way’, we’ve all had a budding paleontologist hacking away inside of us - trying to get out. Unleash your inner fossil-hunter by joining DINOSOC. Expect plenty of guest lectures, field trips, and socials.

AcroRock Dance School

Coventry University

University is all about new experiences. According to this society’s webpage, AcroRock is 'a spectacular and energetic dance style' that 'combines rock 'n' roll dancing and acrobatics to the rhythm of rock and popular music'. I’d be willing to bet that’s new to you.


Durham University

I can’t decide whether I think assassins’ societies are really weird or a lot of fun. I guess you’ll have to find out for me. Members take part by using safe ‘weaponry’ to ‘hunt’ and ‘kill’ each other in games that take place across the city. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Chocolate Society

Edinburgh University

‘I like chocolate. Do you like chocolate?’ Yes, forget what you’ve heard about bonding over Harry Potter, Jane Austen, or Marxism - all you really need to make friends at university is a deep love of Dairy Milk. ChocSoc: Edinburgh Uni students, DO IT.

Nerf Society

University of Exeter

I wouldn’t want to live in a world where (almost) grown adults don’t run around firing foam projectiles at each other for fun. I just wouldn’t. It comes as a great relief to me then, to learn that the good folk of Exeter’s Nerf Society are keeping my dreams alive.

Citywise Mentoring Society

University of Glasgow

We turn now to the ‘wonderful’ portion of our show. This society at the University of Glasgow organises one-to-one mentoring sessions for kids from deprived areas of the city, helping them to ‘achieve their potential’ and ‘live flourishing lives’.

Make-Up Society (MUSH)

University of Huddersfield

The most beautiful make-up a woman can wear? Passion. Not my words, the words of the brilliantly-acronymed MUSH. Although, as YouTube star Looking for Lewys proves, make-up isn’t only for women - so I’m sure this society is open to all.


Leeds University

We’ve been staring up at the heavens for thousands of years. And ever since Galileo learned to harness the power of refraction, we’ve been doing it pretty well. Sign up for AstroSoc and enjoy stargazing, lectures, and overnight camping trips. Heavenly.

Demon Barbers

De Montfort University, Leicester

In case you haven’t already noticed, this list is mostly comprised of societies with clever names. This is by far the cleverest, so hats off to whoever came up with this double pun. Tap into your inner B-Sharp by becoming 25% of a barbershop quartet.

Karaoke Society

The University of Liverpool

Another one for the warblers. The stated aim of the Karaoke Society is to ‘promote the self confidence of each member of our society’. They also encourage mic drops, and don’t mind if you sing out of tune. What’s not to like?

Gus Appreciation

University of Greenwich, London

With so many universities across London, there was extremely stiff competition for this place. But no society exists for a nobler purpose than Greenwich’s Gus Appreciation Society, which comes together just to love and appreciate Gus - their union’s cat.

The Swordsmanship Society

Loughborough University

‘Through our actions with the blade, we express our truest nature.’ This society’s mantra is all the sales pitch it needs.

Rick and Morty Society

University of Manchester

It’s not clear whether this society actually appreciates the greatest animated science show of all time, or whether it just meets to discuss science in a darkly-comedic way. Whatever, it’s got Rick and Morty on it and that’s good enough for me.

20 Minute Society

Newcastle University

If you’re studying in Newcastle and you want to inject some spontaneity into uni life, this could be the society for you. You won’t know the location of their socials until 20 minutes beforehand, then it’s a mad dash to wherever they are!

Lego Society

University of Nottingham

Yep, it’s confirmed: this is just a list of stuff I like. LegoSoc at the University of Nottingham meets every week for a themed building contest, plus of course an annual pilgrimage to Legoland Windsor. Also: stop-motion animation contests and film nights. Awesome!

Snack Society

Oxford Brookes University

‘Snacking is a wonderful pastime and should be recognised as such.’ SIGN. ME. UP.

Octopush Club

University of Portsmouth

If you don’t like being underwater, look away now. Octopush is essentially a game of ice hockey, played at the bottom of a swimming pool. It looks just as crazy as it sounds. This group caters for all levels, and you’ll get to go to Bognor Regis. Winning.

Domestic Do It Yourself Society

Reading University

Reading’s reigning society of the year is the ideal place to make new friends. For an hour and a half every Tuesday night, get in touch with your arty and crafty sides. There’s also socials, a summer party, and free ice cream in week eight. All for just £10 per year.

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