How to have an amazing Halloween without going out

30 Oct 2019
By Rob Slade, Writer at Unite Students

Halloween is kind of a big deal. Head out on the 31 October and you’ll see hordes of zombies, witches and ghosts roaming the streets.

But what if you and your flatmates don’t want to hit the town? Well, there are plenty of things you can do in your own home to keep you entertained. Here are a few ideas.

Have a movie marathon

Draw the curtains, grab the popcorn and settle in for a scare-a-thon with your flatmates for the ultimate low-cost Halloween. Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring are great options for actually making you jump out of your skin, while classics such as The Omen and A Nightmare on Elm Street are perfect for giving you a bit of a laugh.

Play Halloween-themed games

Who doesn’t love a bit of apple bobbing? Dunking your face into a bucket full of water to try and hook an apple with your fangs is sure to have you and your friends in stitches. After that, why not play pin the tail on the black cat, or even a Halloween-themed game of charades or pictionary.

Carve some pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a popular thing to do around Halloween and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun to see your creation come to life (even if, like me, you’re not particularly good at it), great to do as a group and can easily be made into a competition. Carving a basic design is quite straightforward, but get imaginative with your ideas and see how you get on.

Tuck into lots of Halloween treats

If your pumpkin carving was a disaster, you’ll need something to lift your spirits. Halloween isn’t complete without tasty snacks and, although you’re probably too old to go trick or treating, there’s nothing to stop you getting a haul from the supermarket. Better yet, team up with your friends and make your own, whether that means baking some ghoulish biscuits or even some spooktacular cakes.

Create your best fancy dress

Anyone can buy an outfit from Amazon, but to really stand out from the crowd you need to make your own. Make it a competition between your housemates to see who can come up with the best costume and then get to work.

Face paint, old clothes that you don’t mind destroying and the odd prop will be your friends here. Zombies, scary clowns and vampires are fangtastic options. Just don’t forget to snap a picture of you and your housemates looking the part for Instagram. #SquadGhouls.

Make some decorations

Once you’ve got your outfits sorted, it’s time to get your flat into shape. Whether you’re having a quiet night in front of the TV or having a Halloween shindig with your friends, a bit of decorating will help make the night one to remember.

Dim the lights, hang spiderwebs and place some props around the flat (e.g. carved pumpkins, skulls, signs, jars filled with murky water and old children’s dolls). Essentially, just have fun with it.

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