How to pack for uni: 7 Expert packing tips from LOVESPACE

01 Aug 2019
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

It’s almost time for the big move. And whether you’ve got everything you need or you’re still buying the essentials, knowing how to pack them all up will help keep your stress levels low.

So, we asked our storage partner and packing experts LOVESPACE for some packing advice.

Here are their seven tips for pain-free university packing.

1) Start as soon as you can

No matter how good a packer you are, it always takes longer than you think. Start at least three weeks before moving day, so you can make sure you have all the things you need. This way, you’ve still got time to make a late dash to Ikea if you find your pillowcases have been eaten by moths.

2) Break the job down

Do a little packing at a time over several weeks, rather than attempting a marathon packing weekend just before you move. Pack the stuff you use least often first. Mark the boxes you know you’ll need first with a star. Put belongings you’ll want on day one - sheets, towels, toiletries, a change of clothes - in a suitcase for easy access.

3) Create a packing station

Take over a quiet room or corner of your house and make it your packing station. Build boxes of assorted sizes so they’re ready to go. Momentum is key. Keep a stash of markers, packing tape, and bubble wrap or newspaper there.

4) Roll your clothes for fewer creases

Don’t turn up to uni with all your clothes creased and wrinkled. Place heavy items on the bottom of your case, pack the lighter items on top and tucked in at the sides. Also roll as many clothes as you can, they’ll take up less space and you won’t need to get the iron out when you arrive.

5) Put light items in big boxes

Lots of people think a large box is for big heavy stuff, but the opposite is true. Fill large boxes with light stuff, and put heavy items - like books - in small boxes.

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6) Buy some sturdy bin bags

Sturdy bin bags are great because they squish. Fill them with soft non-breakables and stuff them into the boot - they’ll squeeze into spaces that boxes can’t. Just don’t be tempted to buy the budget ones, they split too easily. And remember, bin bags are great for moving but if you’re storing things with LOVESPACE, you’ll need to use cardboard boxes only.

7) Load the car from floor to ceiling

Whether you’re hiring a van or cramming everything into your car, load in sections from the floor up to maximise space and keep items from shifting. Load heaviest items first, in front and on the floor. Pack tightly and to the top, then move onto the next section.

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